Items falling thu map

It’s been happening frequently, but today I dropped a legendary shotgun in Sanctuary, just to see it fall through the map, obviously never to be seen again.

I know this game is old, but it’s still one of THE BEST games out there still. Is there any chance this could be patched?

Probably not…sad panda…

It is, unfortunately, one of those things that is known to occur: items either falling through the floor or glitching into walls beyond reach. All I can suggest is that you take care where you drop things.

Anywhere with stairs (eg the area outside the second assassin spawn point in Southpaw Steam and Power) or an uneven surface texture is a likely spot (there’s a spot in Eridium Blight where a parked vehicle will steadily sink into the ground).

This happens on all platforms btw, and seems to be an “feature” with how the maps are created and terrain added in UE3.

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