Items flying all over Frost Bottom

(Ryker61) #1

Anytime I go and open the presents near the tree in Frost Bottom, they go flying all over the place, sometimes ammo or cash will just hang in midair.

(Is this thing on?) #2

Yeah, there’s quite a “lootsplosion” effect with those. What I usually do is stand as close as possible, and hold down the “pick ul” button as soon as the box opens - that way, I can grab most of it while it’s still going up.

(Ryker61) #3

It’s a little worse than a lootsplosion. Prior to posting this, items that poped out of the packages were flying up onto the rooftops of the nearby buildings. On the hill to the right of the stage is a building and stuff was either flying up to the front door of that building or were flying onto the hillside to the right of that building.

Call me crazy, but it almost feels like the low gravity code for BL:TPS is leaking into BL2. When I played BL2 on the PS3, I never had this issue when opening these gifts. Sure stuff would pop out, but would drop right at your feet, not fly thirty feet into the air.

(Is this thing on?) #4

That sounds really extreme, and very weird. Have you tried doing a full reboot of your PS4?

(The doc is in.) #5

Funny. (Or not) I was there today and wanted to make room in my inventory for the loot train. So I’ve dropped a bunch of stuff… OMG! It was everywhere and in mid air. Good thing I counted them so I knew how many I had to pick up. Had to search all the surrounding to find them all.

Never doing that again! :sunglasses: