Items for trade

Looking for elemental homing mirv tediore, self terror hex (cryo), and various other items.

Have some throw away items and duplicates like regular ghast calls that i may just give out for free anyways

I have a cryo hex that applies terror. Looking for any corrosive weapon with on terror reduce dmg taken.

Interested in:

  • 300 Roisen’s Thorns
  • 300 Shock Faisor

What are the “various other items” you’re looking for at the moment? GT is Painezor, send me a message and we’ll talk.

Annointed (terror) cyro weapons, preferably lucians or night hawking. Will also take a cryo bitch or butcher. Or a transformer with ammo regen. Thinks like that or anything else that would be good for a cryo zane.
Good amara items to start up a melee build: non deathless knife drain mods; rope a dope with Find your Center, etc.


  • extra projectile nighthawkin

  • wicked wagon wheel terror 50cryo

  • kinetic lyuda terror 50cryo

  • extra projectile cryo stalker

  • terror 50cryo fire cutsman

  • 50 cryo cryo stalker

  • cryo butcher 125/125x6/100/100x6

  • cryo bitch 125

  • knife drain otto idol & knife drain white elephant.

Send me a party invite, we’ll talk. (No longer interested in 300 roisen,s grabbing from someone else, just after the 300 shock faisor now)

Im down to trade faisor for terror projectile night hawkin. Lmk if you need the dp thorns later by chance, and I’ll still trade it as long as i have it. I’ll be home after work in a few hours what’s your gt?

Painezor. Just drop me a message.

Sending now

I’m sorry, I don’t have anything to trade.
But in case you’re willing to give away that stutter stop recharger, I will name my third son after you. And love you long time. :wink:

What was your GT sorry? I need to send that EP night hawkin back to you


Would you take an ice breaker pull out method with +cryo efficiency or Cryo engulfing shredifer with 25% chance melee self terror for a Phasezerker mod?