Items giving Extra Rakk Attack stacking question

Hey everyone!
I got a few things from Earl with the Eridium sale going onm, I got a Jacobs Shotgun and a Shield. Anyway I go them because when equipped they give you an extra Rakk attack ( 3 instead of 2 )
So I got the shotgun, got an extra Rakk , cool.
So I got the shield, I was thinking I would get ANOTHER Rakk attack ( 4) but it seems to only max out at 3 attacks.
I haven’t gotten enough points to get the bonus action skill for another Rakk, so I was wondering if anyone does have the 3 Rakk attack and have gotten more than 3 by equipping an item that gives you an extra one

The most I have acquired is 5 rakk attacks… Unfortunately appointments do not stack. To get 5, you need the skill (2), augment (1), anointment (1), and a class mod can give you 1.

Happy hunting

Weapons with +Rakk Charge only work while that weapon is in hand. If you switch to another weapon, the charge is still visible but if you use your skill it will use up charges as though you didn’t have it. (I just tested this last night too, so my information is relatively current).

For example, you have 2 normally, equip the +Rakk Charge weapon, it charges to 3. You switch to another weapon without the +Rakk Charge, it’ll still show 3, but when you use the skill it will drop to 1 charge. If you keep the +Rakk Charge weapon in hand, it’ll use the 3rd charge and you’ll have 2 left).

The shield and class mod, since they’re always equipped, should always be active. If they’re not, that’s bugged.

Yeah it’s working just as you said, but no way to get more than one extra Rakk?
In other words I have A Shotgun and a shield, they both give you an extra Rakk, but I won’t get more than 3 ( I was thinking I would get 4 – or 5 even if I go down that skill tree)

Ahh ok… so just one per appointment.
OK, that’s cool.
I do like the Rakks, I am building a Skag strong tree, but also working on the Rakk boost now.
The Cryo Rakks wasn’t a great as I thought it would be so I abandoned it to get the Skag to Eridium, now going to go and try and get the Rakks going

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