Items have been traded

I’m offering this as a trade for an Ember’s purge with a different anointment.

I’m looking for an Ember’s purge with an ase anointment that my Amara can use. Not melee damage increase, preferably phasecast/slam if not rad/cryo on ase or weapon/splash damage on ase would be good too.

I have an ember’s purge with 250% weapon damage after phasecast.

Cool my PSN is megadethwm.

Also have it with 300% weapon damage after phaseslam. I’ll add you.

I have one 100 ase

If you have Ember’s Purge ASE 100% wpn dmg, want to trade? What are you looking for?

Zane stuff

I have full sets of redistributors in all elements for 100% wpn dmg on ASE and SNTNL 50% cryo as well as other Zane gear. Have anointed dlc items too.

I have all the redistributor I need but dictator x6 with sntnl cryo ps my pan is darkarrow325

Sent FR