Items I would like to see return in some way or another

Borderlands 3 does already have a lot of good and/or interesting items that returned from previous games but I think there are a few nice ones that we are missing so far:

The Longnail/Amigo Sincero: A sniper rifle with the ability to ignore shields. The Longnail is Vladof and from the Pre-Sequel and the Amigo is Jakobs and from the most recent DLC for Borderlands 2. There was also a sniper called the Tresspasser in the Bl2 Basegame but it was poorly balanced, with underwhelming damage and outright horrible rate of fire (it had niche applications against 2 raid bosses but that was about it)

The Chain Lightning: The Chain Lightning is a legendary grenade from the Dragon Keep DLC of Borderlands 2 (another grenade from that DLC that made it into Bl3 is the Firestorm). The Chain Lightning fired a more or less straight lightning strike that would ricochet off surfaces and enemies to the next enemy. It also passively regenerated grenade ammo (so did the Firestorm but sadly they don’t seem to have implemented that).

The Bessie: A pearlescent Jakobs sniper from Borderlands 1. 100% accuracy, very high damage, 500% critical damage but in exchange a very low rate of fire and magazine size. Essentially the kind of stats a sniper would need to remain viable in M4 without overkill perks.

The Fibber: An interesting pistol that had three different variants, with one firing off very slow spread shot rounds, one firing a slow and heavy projectile with very high crit damage and the last one firing a normal bullet that ricochets into a shotgun spread. The Fibber also featured a wrong and partially ridiculous stats (+50% love) on the item card.

The Chopper: An Assault Rifle that fires several bullets with each shot at a very high rate. The Mag size is equivalent to the maximum amount of AR ammo you can have with all SDU’s (if they were to make it COV it shouldn’t overheat). The payoff consists in the weapon continuing to fire after you pull the trigger until it is interrupted, either by a melee attack or swapping to another weapon.

The Evolution: An adaptive shield, meaning it provides you with elemental resistence to the last element that damaged you. The Evolution features particularily high resistence up to 86%. It also features health regen that increases the lower your shields are and increases your max health in exchange for a relatively small capacity.

The Sham: A shield with an extremely high chance of absorbing bullets (up to 94% if you get perfect parts). You do however get a small overall capacity and slow recharge rate.

The Pitchfork: A legendary Dahl sniper that fires 5 shots in a horizontal spread at the cost of 2 ammo.

The Lascaux: A non-elemental Dahl SMG that fires 2 bullets at the cost of 1. When shot at a surface, the bullet decals will recreate one of the Lascaux cave paintings.

The 12 Pounder: A torgue rocket launcher that fires a single canon ball at high speeds. Very high damage. The canon ball ricochets off surfaces and explodes on impact with enemies.

The Skullmasher: Essentially what you would get if the Maggie was a Jakobs Sniper Rifle. It shoots 5 bullets at the cost of 1 ammo, with the individual bullets having lowered damage but the overall damage being very high.


I really miss the chain lightning grenade, the bee shield and the sand hawk from B2 and it would be awesome if they could come back as a legendaries for later difficulties or expansions.

We already have a Bessie, but instead it is called the Monocle.

Florentine! Make it a shock/radiation mix

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Yes, but the Monocle is much weaker (relatively speaking) due to it’s low base damage and because the high zoom level is impractical (and you need to be scoped for the crit bonus)

Outside the damage penalty it functions pretty much the same. On crit it stil does really high single shot damage.

The problem is rather that long range combat is niche in 3, which is a gripe I had with the series since 2.

having to scope in makes a big difference. The Bessie could just no-scope and do full damage if need be and even do reasonable amounts of damage on body shots.

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The Monocle is a lot closer to the Hawkeye in function than the Bessie IMO

I wouldn’t mind a reworked version of the Elephant Gun/Buffalo sniper rifles from BL2. They weren’t GOOD snipers, mind you, but I loved how it felt to shoot a heavy, scopeless sniper. Maybe with Overkill being a thing, they would be useable lol.

I’d like to see the Twister come back…

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I think the Hunt(ed) is scopeless

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Sniping overall needs a big buff for the game, with the exception of a few Jakobs and Vladof with the proper parts, the Legendary snipers in the game are pretty underwhelming. Maliwan might as well not even have Snipers as a category overall with how bad the charge time and fire rates are.

Jakobs is already kind of the champion of the Legendary tier right now, they have the most of them and the most useful ones in many regards. Even as nerfed as it ended up, the Queen’s/King’s Call is still one of the better elemental handgun options for close range crit damage. Whereas at the opposite end Atlas has the fewest Legendaries next to Tediore and pretty much only the Freeman and Ruby’s Wrath are any good. The Carrier almost is, but even with all bonus projectiles hitting the same enemy its damage is lower than the Q-System. That and the lack of any elemental tech on them really disappointed me cause I’d hoped for some returning Atlas weapons from BL1 like the Chimera or Ajax’ Spear.

Tediore needs some better options for Legendaries too, the Long Musket is the only good one and its still pretty niche. We really need at least one good Tediore Legendary shotgun worth using, hunting the game’s vendors for purples with MIRV parts shouldn’t be the only way they compete in the meta.

I’d like to see some returning options retooled for COV, especially in launchers. They have no Legendary launchers as it is, not even a return with the Badaboom.

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Pestilent Defiler. 100%
As a Jakobs gun however… it could be some kind of Corrosive Unforgiven :face_with_monocle:


Best sniper in all BL games
Make it rare and awesome just like in BL1
Body5, Barrel4, sight4, mag5, stock4, mat3
You know holy grail one


You got the Headsplosion which makes pretty much the same job :wink:

Dunno headsplosion is close but that is not Cobra.
You know that sniper that just don’t care what element you should use.
It’s good against Devestators, lance pyros, lance shock trooper, lance chemical troopers.
Red text is
And I do like it :grin:

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