Items in Storage Disappeared [PS4]

Was playing local co-op. Placed 2 items in storage on Sanctuary. Later when I tried to access them again whilst playing solo the items were gone. The storage space was empty.

Tried going in again in local co-op thinking that the items could reappear but no luck.

Anyone else experienced this?

Im on PC not PS4 but the same thing happened to me just with all of my cosmetics that I collected instead. All of my pre-order items stayed but everything I bought from Earl, earned as quest rewards, or found in the world is now gone.

Seems to have happened when my game save corrupted from a crash and I had to get my save from the cloud (the cloud save was only a couple minutes behind my original save).

Really hoping that I won’t have grind eridium again just to buy the cosmetics for a second time.

Edit: I also don’t have any of the golden keys I had before. I had 8 now I have 0

My game didn’t crash.

It happened again. Playing local co-op. Placed items in storage, then when I go back later in solo play, the items are gone. Not pleased.

This happened to me too on Ps4, I was playing over my friend’s house and he was the host. When he went to bed. I started up a new session to play with my brother and all of my bank items were gone.

I would not use your bank or place room decorations or weapons/gear on the wall unless you are the host or are in a single player game right now. My friend experiences the same thing when joining my game.