Items needed for Gammavore Build

I am in need of some legendary items for my Gammavore build, can anyone help?

Dastardly Maggie - Annointed - GammaBurst - Have other Annointed Maggies to trade
Deadeye Bekah - Annointed - GammaBurst - Have other Bekah to trade
Teething Prized Red Fang Mod - Jakobs Crit & Pistol Damage - Have other Red Fang to Trade

I got what your looking for. What kind of bekah do you have for trade

Hi, its this one here


I am definitely interested man. My gt is Ye olde wolf. I will send you your Maggie and bekah with gamma burst. I will have to check on the mod but I have a few with good Jakob’s rolls that I can send and you may be able to use them

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Sent you a friend request - I am Jura551c

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this is a decent mod, not sure if it’s what your looking for

Sent everything your way.

Brilliant, thank you so much. I have sent you the Bekah…did you want anything else?

That should be fine bud, thank you. Unless you happen to have a brainstormer with lifesteal on ase.

I have 2 Brainstormers

50% Incendiary on 2 mags on ASE
50% Crit after Rakk Attack

I’ve got both those brainstormers already but thanks you. I haven’t recieved anything in the mail yet. I’ve gotta go to work so I will check when I get home and let you know.

I still haven’t recieved anything bud. Did you send it to Ye olde wolf. I checked your profile and I think ya added Ye old wolf instead of me


Oh no, I have sent it to “yo old wolf” and not “ye olde wolf”. Is there anything i can do? I have messaged them.

Happy to send your items back to you if nothing I can do. Really sorry :frowning:


No problem bud. If you ever come across the two mag bekah again shoot one my way. I’ve been looking for one for a while lol.