Items taking up your 4 weapon slots

What do you commonly use in Borderlands? What are your favourite items and items you use?

My usual equipment setup for farming Crawmerax is:(p.s. - I use Mordecay)

  1. Unforgiven masher (6shot).
    Before that I kept using 2shot masher Equalizer for the job. Sometimes can take out critical hit spots with one shot, but I’d guess that it’s thanks to a certain character skill.
  2. Nemesis - my favourite weapon in game. The one I’m using have no sights and have perfect parts other than crap barrel. For me it’s the most satisfying weapon to use in game, because it’s not contradicting its own power with impractical drawbacks.
  3. Hellfire, no comments neccesary.
  4. Undertaker for the job of taking out Crawmerax’s backspot. As a side note, it’s my decision to not collect any rocket launchers other than the pearlescent Undertaker since imo they’re pretty underwhelming in this game.

When not farming Crawmerax sometimes I tend to switch things up and equip other weapons.

  1. Serpens - the first pearlescent I found, I’m still using the same one. It eats up crimson lance and feels awesome to use despite it’s zigzaggy bullet pattern. I mean it’s accuracy isn’t that terrible, I’d show it off as an example for how Madhous! from BL2 should have been, which imo is a piece of scrap and it’s inaccuracy imo is way too extreme.
    As a sidenote, I found Serpens before acquiring Defiler with good parts, which is the reason why I most of all times choose Serpens over Defiler and thereby I rarely use the revolver.
  2. Sometimes, but not often I equip a sniper rifle, I tend to take either Cobra or Bessie. Sniping in the game imo is pretty challenging due to character flinching when getting shot, which have potential to kill off every shot I take and thereby the slower firerate for the sniper, the harder sniping gets. That’s why I usually use Cobra for it’s good firerate and firepower, while I avoid using snipers with firerate below 0.6. However Bessie is a different story, because the great critical hit damage gives a valid reason to use it in spite of it’s slow firerate. Also the one I have have firerate of 0.5, so it’s not too terrible. Bessie is fun, and it rewards skill.
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My gear depends on the character as it does for most of us, so I’ll list what I use for each of my main toons.

Mord- For Craw I run a typical Gunslinger w/regen.

  • Some form of 2-shot Jakobs masher(finally got a Unforgiven Masher, lost my old one a looong time ago).
  • I have a perfect parts HRD Firehawk, love that thing to death.
  • I use a 2-shot Defiler. It’s pretty solid, but again, lost my old one a long time ago.
  • My Invader Nemesis. I’ll agree with @mlociks. In terms of gimmicks it has a very solid one. I will say I think my Orion or a good Vladof Shock Sweeper would serve better at getting rid of those thrice cursed Maggots faster(along with not tagging Purps with the occasional corrosive DoT).
  • Sometimes when a crit spot has just a sliver of HP left I’ll pull out my Double Thanatos and just spray in the general direction of Craw to finish him off.

In general play I run wiiiith…

  • A Crimson Lance in my first slot. Always. Because Lances are excellent and beautiful.
  • For corrosive I run a 6-shot or 2-shot Defiler, still trying to figure out which type I like more when I’m just messing around. I’ve had trouble finding a comparable 6-shot, so it’s slow deciding. Sometimes a Hornet, but I’m usually too picky to use the ones I have.
  • The aforementioned Firehawk or a Volcano on occasion.
  • This last slot changes up a lot, as the other three do a pretty good job of putting the fear in everything on the same continent as me. Bessie more than anything else though. Other notable mentions are various shotguns, as they can be pretty damn fun on Mord.

My Brick and Lilith aren’t much to talk about. I have solid enough gear for them, but nothing I’d really consider of mention or my favorites.

I’ll get into my Roland later, as this post is already long enough. Or I’ll forget. Like my Hyperion playthrough.


How do you use the Undertaker to hit Craw’s back?

Aim at the big spike on his back, timing of shot right after his first roar ends.

huh…any chance of a video? where do you shoot from; where are you standing?

seconded! I am interested to see this…never knew the Undertaker could be useful for that.

On topic:

My weapons on Roland are pretty much anything I feel like using, usually machine guns or revolvers.
On Lilith, I switch between an anarchy and a penetrator for NE, and anacondas for shock/fire with a defiler for armor.
Mordy is basically just 4 Anacondas. Sometimes a Jakobs masher for Knoxx.
Brick has an Ogre, maybe some kind of rocket launcher, a Bulldog Carnage and a corrosive bulldog I think.

Okay, I uploaded a video sample for how I do it. Just have to get the timing right and rest is up to accuracy of the rocket to be able to hit anywhere on the spike.


…huh. That’s a new one.

When I used to do it with Mordy I used the ledge for the eye and limbs then tried to coax him around and show his back. That looks way simpler.

But since Lilith does it faster than anyone anyway, it’s not much help. Neat to see though!

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Not sure how is Lilith that much faster, video pls? :slight_smile:

maybe not THAT much faster but it’s definitely (from first to last shot) under a minute. I’ll get a video soon.

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I think that process of fighting Crawmerax isn’t the thing which takes time, but getting there, riding up/down and reentering the map, then looting everything. Fighting Crawmerax himself in the video took above 40 seconds.

For me it usually takes 21+ minutes to kill him seven times, then more time to search through all of loot, so I’d say 30 mins for a single 7 frag run.

A minute total from exiting elevator to craw’s death animation. A better Bessie could cut the kill time by making the back 1 shot and the eye 2.


Getting this back on track and back to the Roland I mentioned earlier…

  • “CHOPPER, SIC BALLS!” Bonus points if you get the reference. THC body, barrel5… all in all, pretty damn fun toy. Other various Support Machineguns, but nothing standout.

  • Draco, Firehawk. Don’t really have a set fire weapon right now. Whenever I’m running shotguns I use a pretty slick Torgue though.

  • Plague. Cause Defilers are too mainstream.

  • Either an Aries or a really fun-to-use Vladof Shock shottie. The Vladof isn’t even all that great but with Roland and all that entails it really rips through Maggots.

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Chopper as one of your main weapons you take in field? Nice! I once wished to start using this buff-anarchy, but this plan got stuck somewhere during process of searching for a good one.
Swapping out Hellfire to test and have fun with alternatives sounds like fun plan. Consider Hellfire gone from my weapon slots for a while.

@Scootalewis nice, seems like swift and easy farming.

Oh, I never said it lasted long, ha.

*Corrosive and shock maliwan SMGs (the ones with rof of 12);

Sniper Mordecai:

Gunslinger Mordecai:

Tho, I am not a fan of laodout sets so I use these for bosses only. From the moment when I saw “Does it suck” and tGtBatU series, I have decided to test BL1 weapons by myself. So, yeah, loadout changes every time I do my usual farming route. It keeps gameplay dynamic and fresh for me.

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Lilith atm,
Angry Crux
Desert Anarchy

Using Mercenary Com.

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Well, I’m a big fan of Lilith, and 2 ways of playing her :

  • Mercenary style, Hellfire, Maliwan’s Stingers (Pestilent, Fulgurating and/or Erupting regarding the game zone), Steel Anarchy (or Double Savior if I use a Mat2 Mercenary COM)
    I really love to light everything up with Hellfire and to look back watching all burning to death… :smiling_imp: I rarely shoot to death a trash mob, just to hear him scream ! :imp:

  • Catalyst style (my favorite for 3-4 Coop games), Hellfire, Pestilent Defiler (2-rounds mag), Cobra and Ogre. I found a little Bessie a few days ago, so I’ll start to play with it soon !! :slight_smile:

I play Mord, Brick and Roland too, but with no surprise, typical Gunslinger (Firehawk/Defiler/Nemesis/Chimera or Masher), Master Blaster (Ogre/Cobra/Chimera/Erupting Stinger) and Commando (Plague/Hammer or Crux/Matador or Shredder/Painful Brute) playstyles, respectively.