Items that are potentially game breaking in PVP

For the sake of balance, you should not be able to stack items that gives x amount of x to your teammates in PvP.

Take a look at this item here:

That’s a pretty low roll, in fact you can get +200 health with that single item alone.
Imagine having five of your teammates having that item (which isn’t unlikely since premades are fairly popular), you would have over +1k health for each member of your party.

Another item that would fall in this category is:

Immunity for 5 seconds with a 60 seconds cooldown really have no place in a PVP game. That’s just insane and you should either increase the cooldown to either five minutes or give it another activated bonus.



I think the Alamo Armor could be more balance by giving it a 2 second immunity. That’s as long as a stun, so if your playing stupid, the team can just stun you real quick, and you just lost your immunity.

Also, make it so the Vigilance Link doesn’t stack. That will balance that out too.

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wow,Alamo armor on Ambra seems insanely OP.

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The Alamo 7 armour is completely broken in PvP. 5 seconds is enough time to easily kill a Battleborn. I have come up against this item a few times and every time it has just ruined the enjoyment I have had in the game.

I think that items such as Vigilance Link and Arcship Buoy seem like they have the potential to be a little too strong compared to most legendaries, but no where near the level of Alamo 7 imo.

I would love to have a response from GBX as to whether they intend to nerf these items because personally as more people start to acquire these items I am going to find myself wanting to stop playing the game entirely - I simply don’t enjoy versing people with it and while I can farm it myself I don’t think that any game should have a piece of gear that is required just to be on an even footing.

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Yeah, immunity should just be gone. You should not be immune to damage in a PVP game.

Though I think it wouldn’t activate if you’re outright burst from above 10% to 0 in a single hit, anyone care to test that?

I currently use the one where it resets all cool downs when drop below hp on ambra. It doesn’t seem to trigger as much as you’d think, depending on what characters they have. Though the immunity for 5 seconds seems like it could be too effective on a high hp character.

Spike damage can still kill ambra skipping her oversheild if you get hurt from over 20% to 0 in one shot, so I assume that goes for the 10% items, but you do respawn with all cool downs reset if you have that one.

I have been told that it activates anyway. I have personally never seen it not activate either, even when we tried to burst them down with Orendi/Thorn.

Now I think I understand what happened a few games where suddenly the opponent was taking no damage from me when at low health…
At the very least, that alamo 7 should have a very VERY big visual effect when it happens so that we just don’t continue firing on that target and just die stupidly doing it…


I like the Alamo Armor, but it is overpowered. I think reducing the duration to 2 seconds, and giving the character a metallic look like the Mansformation, would balance it. I imagine this would be brutal with Boldur. His helix 10 mutation lets him cash in his ultimate to give him full health. This would make him even more frustrating to deal with.

Could just make it so during those 5 seconds you either can’t attack, or you can but with heavily reduced damage.

Have it give +90% damage reduction for 5 seconds at 15% health.


first one i agree, 2nd one I tried it, damage immunity yes, but stun and meleeing the character back to your base or pulling them still work

A 5 seconds immunity to damage is just too long of a duration and with a very low cooldown.
Someone mentioned that you shouldn’t be able to attack or use skills during this duration which would actually be a fairly good change.

I think it would be a good change in many respects - you wouldn’t be able to be an invincible assassin who can go in 1v5 and get 1-2 kills. But it would still be too strong on Miko. You need to be able to focus Miko in teamfights and this item removes the possibility of doing that quickly and cleanly.

Personally I think it should just be a 50% reduction at 20% HP or below, 5 sec duration, 60 sec CD.

Medic in TF2 has been handing out ubers for what, eight and a half years? Are you trying to say the competitive meta for that game is based on something that shouldn’t be there? How about the Invulnerability Shield in Quake and Invulnerability powerup in Doom 1 & 2 multiplayer, did those games get it completely wrong as well?

You should write some sternly worded letters to the makers of those games, patiently explaining how immunity to damage shouldn’t be in PvP games and must be removed at once. While you’re at it: Halo, Mario Kart, Dota2 and League of Legends, I’m sure we could find you a few more without much trouble.

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Instead of attempting to derail the topic, what’s your opinion on the item? Do you feel that it’s balanced enough?

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easy fix (how is should be… similar to other mobas):

Vigilance Link = teammate health bonus not stackable

Alamo-7 Amor = Immunity for 5 seconds, but can´t move or get healed

In my opinion, most legendary item I saw are broken and shouldn’t exist.
I’m find with the gear system because the bonus aren’t insane (+150hp or +9% damage etc…) but these… they really make a mess out of the gear system.

Cannot move ? that will be more a troublesome lol
Example: You are trying to run away, ding the Alamo-7 kick-in now you are stuck in place for 5 sec.