Items that miscomunicate legendary clasmods and annointed gear

Here is the problem.

legendary class mod descriptions will read that you get a bit extra on top of the 5 skill points they add to you. how ever many of them do not state how much do you gain. for example “zane’ gains lets say increased movement speed and gun damage on a kill” - well yes okay great but how much? 1% or 20%? are we supposed to guess if the buffs are miniscule or actually important?

as to annointed gear especially weapons, because how annointed perk takes up the text on the card, the other information will be missing for example what element the gun is or what underbarrel or firing mode it has etc.

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How about the stats that aren’t clearly communicated? Like a mod that gives -17% damage reduction. Does that mean the mod makes me take more damage because it’s a powerful mod otherwise or it reduces damage I take?

And for mayhem mode, “-45% elemental status resist; +45% bullet damage.” What exactly does this do? Is it applied to me only or enemies as well? Does is cause both elemental and normal bullet damage to be increased?

it means DOT’s from the guns are reduced but the initial hit from the bullet is increased. for example since fastball grenade has very high dot this modifier would kill it. but for jacobs pistol it would be amazing.