Items to avoid such as DPUH


So, bit of an odd topic I suppose.

But basically, I’ve played through the game a couple of times in the past and am looking to play again soon in a duo with someone who hasn’t played all that much, one thing I want to avoid using is the DPUH as during my last playthrough with a friend this weapon pretty much carried us through everything from the moment we got it and most findings short of just getting a higher level/OP# version of said DPUH seemed kinda “meh”.

Now, we don’t want some huge list of items to avoid that are considered somewhat op - To us, the game is all about the loot and smashing faces, I just don’t want that experience from before to happen again so I’m wondering if there’s anything else similar to the DPUH that you guys would suggest to avoid that’d have a similar effect.

One thing I was considering was the Grog Nozzle - Exploitive and nature and most people seem to use this, it’s one thing we may avoid but is it required to duo certain content later on?

Also I’m unsure Salvador would be a great option for either us when avoiding the DPUH.

Hope I explained what I’m asking clear enough but please say so if not

Appreciate any advice

I’m not a fan of the meta-guns of the game (DPUH, Norfleet, Pimp, etc.) but the only weapons I STRICTLY do not use are infact the Moxxi guns. Yes they’re the single most absolute best way to heal in the game, but I just find them far too exploitative and overpowered. You can survive without them.

If you want to play as him, go for it. Salvador doesn’t need a Harold.

My advice is to simply go with what you find! Just as if it was the first time you played it.

To be honest, the only UVHM survival kit I have is the UH, even with that perps can cut me down in a second if I’m not careful. So my Zer0 skips and jumps between the hail of bullets but without Harold I’d be digitized too many times.
Also, what @Ronnie_Rayburn said, go with what you find and see how far it takes you, have fun!

If you want to avoid an overpowered play thru avoid playing Maya with any Sand Hawk, especially if you have a L. Cat mod with the 138% SMG damage increase- it really makes things die quickly…

I don’t use the Grog Nozzle too much honestly. Slag Bouncing Bonny or Crossfire + any kind of weapon. Voilá.

Krieg has Release the Beast, working like an emergency button. Also my class mod (Leg Reaper) boosts Thrill of the Kill skill, needing just one point to get full health recovery from slagged enemies.

Bee… Avoid the Bee.



I’d say the Pimp but they’ve made most snipers useless in UVHM so it’s one of the few workable options for sniping.

Most everything else makes you work for it.

Oh and Grog. Definitely Grog.

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I don’t know what are the op but I do know, for fun pt1 and pt2, long distance snider and bitch, medium anarchist and plasma caster, up close hyperion Practicable thinking, coach and maggie. In Utvhm, you must be lvl 72 to use them effectively without bee and slagging is way of life.

Certainly is a fine line between being “overpowered” and pushing to the point of there being little to no challenge during a playthrough and even at end-game. I’ve played the game a decent amount I’d say (300 hours or so) I just know from a previous play through that the DPUH made it completely non-interesting for my partner at the time as I was (or more so the weapon) was just carrying us through everything, so want to avoid similar things to that.

Still undecided about the Grog Nozzel, thinking to avoid using it, but would regret if handed in the mission (lose the Grog) then find we NEED it further down the line.

I would avoid the Grog if you are looking for a bit more of a challenge. Maybe even try an allegiance run if that’s not too much?

I’ve been doing a Maya Bandit allegiance run the last month or so and it’s nice how it forces you to avoid crutch weapons, grenades and COMs.

consider a harold like a rl. good for revives. i mostly ignore rl on all characters.


Yes…bit of a strange subject. But i’d say if you want to not be over powered or use any of the best in game weapons, just play with what is dropped or you get from chests. So if you see orange, don’t pick it up or sell it…

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My Salvador is a beast. Level 72 +OP 8. Bee Shield. Grog nozzle. DPUH. Killed everything. In the other slots two flakkers. But it certainly felt like there should be another way to play. And certainly for non raid content I feel there is. But for me, all the above became a crutch to beat anything fast.

Thing is, you don’t need to keep your foot on the gas. A lot of times I just back off or strafe to whittle things down a bit in coop. you can elect to do things like slag up enemies, or strip sheilds, and let your buddies get some fun.

Avoiding Moxxi guns would suck. I don’t use them for healing, because Life Tap turns me into a Moxxi weapon, but because some of her guns are incredible. I’ll take a Heartbreaker over any other shotgun in the game any day (except against loaders). The healing % was low enough to not be OP in normal and tvhm, but in OP levels, sadly any percentage is overpowered. But it’s a solid (but not overkill like the Interfacer) shotgun.

The character you use will decide if Moxxi weapons are crutches.

Sal+Moxxi weapon = maybe/maybe not

Zero+Moxxi weapon = necessary