It's A Fair Cop Glitched As Well?

Is my character cursed?

I have completed all three “crimes”, literally right beside the Customs Clappy, and, when i talk to him, he just says “Doing such and such is illegal, youve earned yourself a ticket…BOOM!” but never actually holds up a ticket.

Saved / quit / restarted system a few times now.

Level 8 Wilhelm at very start of Systems Jammed.

I just lit up the dumpster, like maybe 20 minutes ago. Got a ticket. PC/Windows version, updated, on Steam.

DID have a slight bug, though. The Customs Claptrap was IN the dumpster when I set it on fire. That kinda made it even more satisfying…

/le sigh

It’s not a big deal, i’m crossing my fingers it will reset itself as I progress through the game, it’s just frustrating.

Wilhelm is my last character i need to get to 50 + and, even though i already had one of him at 27 from co-op last year, i decided to start fresh with him, solo, and get every level specific challenge as i go, for the first time.

Try to get an extra layer of enjoyment out of this final character.

But it seems like Gearbox wants to have glitched challenges stand in my way, and this same thing has happened to many other people (did some research).

You’d think stuff like this would be all (or mostly…) patched out by now.

I think you have to complete Systems Jammed first. I usually do that challenge right after confronting the Meriff.

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can’t remember exactly when I do that challenge, but have never had a problem with it. I’ve took around 10 toons through it so far (xbox 360)

may be as > “Kritchie2023” says I think you have to complete Systems Jammed first.

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Thanks, guys.