It's a Good Start

While though I know the closed beta only opened today and I haven’t got much time actually playing it, I’ve got a few critiques of the game so far.

  1. Needs Crosshair Customizability: While though the current crosshair available isn’t bad per say, I would greatly appreciate the ability to customize it to my liking. (Unless the ability to do so is hidden in a menu I simply haven’t found yet, if so disregard this statement and do correct me if possible.)
  2. Maps Feel Awkward to Play in: As an arena shooter, movement is key to surviving and dominating the game… the key to movement is being able to seamlessly traverse the battlefield. And I have a great deal of issue doing so due to how… uniquely the maps I’ve played are laid out. Perhaps some of the maps I’ve simply yet to play are better, but for certain Heart just feels too cluttered and too stacked on top of itself. I also feel as though visibility is rather poor at least In the Heart map, not sure how this can be fixed though without changing the theme of the map. (It looks absolutely gorgeous by the way, really aesthetically pleasing.)
  3. Health Pack Layout: I feel as though, unless you play the map a thousand times, finding health packs is far too difficult and they seem to blend in with the map (again, most of my short experience so far has been with the Heart map, so I can only really talk about what I’ve experienced there). Perhaps it would be a good idea to change the colour of the health packs or even just add some sort of marker above them to make them stand out. Either way, despite playing Heart several times and going through it in the Dojo, I still have great difficulty obtaining health packs when playing.
  4. Placement into Severs with Better Connection: While though this could just be because the game is in beta, all of my matches I had very inconsistent ping and after switching to another game to make sure my internet wasn’t just going out, it did seem to have something to do with Project 1v1 and the servers. So, if that was just bad luck, do ignore, if this is a consistent issue that many people are having, it definitely needs fixing.

And that’s honestly all of the real “complaining” or “critiquing” I’ve got as of this moment. The gameplay feels solid (the shotgun feels a little underpowered, but then again it could have just been my ping or simply bad aiming on my part), the movement feels smooth (greatly appreciate rocket jumping without self-damage, though the maps could be a bit bigger to allow those who master rocket jumping to use their skill to their advantage), and it honestly just looks really cool so far.

I’m looking forward to playing through the beta and seeing how this game changes. I’ve got high hopes for it and I do pray it turns out well. Just… don’t release it around the same time as the new Unreal. It’s best not to try and challenge the Unreal IP with this one.

I get that this is a 1v1 game, that’s its whole schtick. This is not a game I would spend money on. I game to hang out with my other adult friends and talk and screw around. If this game never gets a team vs team mode I would never buy this. It took less than 1 match to decide I did not want to fire the test up again.