It's a new record

Wife and I decide to play. PS4 is off so cold boot, start BL3, load characters on Sanctuary. Travel to Kriegs mind, hit our first group of enemies, and the game bluescreens. That’s less than 5 minutes. Normally we can get at least 30 min and up to 2 hours before it crashes.

Nothing else crashes on my PS4. The bluescreens used to be occasional but now its every time in local co-op, usually when there’s a massive amount happening onscreen at once.

PS5 isnt an option for me atm, but it sounds like that would just be trading for a whole different set of problems. Maybe by the time I get around to getting a PS5 those bugs will get worked out, because I cant see the devs investing much effort into the last-gen issues and the PS4 problems getting fixed at all…


The game’s buggier than an anthill

My experience on the Xbox One has been similar. Other games in my library do crash occasionally but much less frequently than Borderlands 3, which I would honestly estimate has caused the most crashes of any game I’ve ever played on any system. It’s pretty demotivating, especially with the loading times which seem to increase with each patch so I feel your pain.

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Sorry to disappoint you dear, but I’m a professional speedrunner of PS4 crashes: the other day I turned it on, then entered Borderlands 3 and it crashed before even getting to the main menu.

On a more serious note, I haven’t been playing much lately, but up until mid-summer I had regular split-screen co-op sessions and, while not infrequent, crashes definitely weren’t as conaistent as you are describing. I know that it’s a subjective situation, but what I’m saying is that if these stability problems are only connected to the latest updates, there might still be a chance for them to get ironed out in the next patches.

Also, it’s your decision to buy or not a new console, but I would definitely advise against getting one for BL3 alone, at least for the moment.


Uh…yeah about that waiting for a fix. Some of us have been waiting since the games release. I certainly wouldn’t put BL3 in a new console and risk it as well. Also users are reporting BL3 is crashing PS5 and the new Xbox.


Borderlands 3 absolutely has since release, crashed more than all my other PS4 games combined and then some. Right now, I can’t even download my save to ps5 because that crashes the game too.

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It is the only game that consistently crashes my console to the point that it completely powers it off. I will admit that CP crashed to the home screen for me a few times when I first played it but CDPR released a fix for it not a week after it released and has been fine since. Even Bethesda games don’t do what BL3 does.

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I have to admit that’s a pretty good time. My personal best probably comes close but I don’t think I can beat that. I wonder how the speedrunning meta will change with future patches since the game seems to take longer and longer to load with each subsequent update.

But in all seriousness Borderlands 3 is probably the worst performing game I’ve played. I don’t play a lot of games so that’s not the worst thing I could say about it, but having a game crash once every couple of hours is not my idea of a good time. Skyrim on my old Xbox 360 had better performance lol.