It's a Whiskey Valentines

Wasn’t able to catch this until I got the taunt.


Pretty funny, eh?

Wait… What is this exactly…?

I’m trying to read what it says but I just can’t make out the last two words.

“Whiskey, will you be mine?”

Check boxes:

“Hell yes”

ah that makes sense. thanks. I wonder if this has any lore implications. Wouldn’t know on the face of it as I haven’t really looked into Mike’s and Whiskey’s lore.

Since we are on the topic of taunts that have little hidden messages, Deande’s final taunt also has a few words (the taunt where she pulls out her fan and checks off a box on it). The first two boxes say “kill stuff” and “do spy things” (the first of which is the one she always ticks, which makes sense after a kill). I believe the last box says “locate Ghalt” which would make sense, but i never got a good enough look at it too be sure.

Wow. And people say I’m in love with myself.
Oscar gives this a whole new meaning.

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