It's all over on 5/24/16

The merciful transition from life support to the afterlife.

Overwatch will pull the plug.

There’s just so much wrong with this game.

-Match times too long

  • Poor Matchmaking
    -Lack of PvE replayability
    -Lack of PvE matchmaking for hardcore/advanced
    -Ridiculously grindy achievements based on play time instead of skill
    -Too many MOBA elements in an over-saturated MOBA market
    -“Hero shooter” an already over-saturated market
    -Screen clutter
    -Poor hitbox feedback/“light” weapon impact
    -Absurdly high time to kill
    -Content spread too thin, nothing is substantial enough as long-term entertainment (i.e. the “main” game)

This game was a combination of bad release timing and trying too much/too hard to be too many things.

The open beta numbers for Overwatch vs BB speak for themselves. This game is already a 7.0 review average and there’s no way OW will review less than 9.0.

I wanted this game to do well, but I guess this way I can focus more on OW.

On the bright side, this game isn’t Paladins. shudder.


Now now, don’t give up hope. I think this game is doing well enough and it has a loyal fanbase. It will keep thriving.


What’s the point of this topic? Why are you comparing Battleborn with Overwatch when they’re two different genres? Do you compare Smite with Team Fortress 2?


And you think Overwatch has more replayability than Battleborn? Smh


I do worry about the user base and this game dying off quickly. I read an article earlier today stating that for pc there were more users playing Borderlands 2 then this game. Or the numbers were close.

With that being said I am still enjoying the game even if it needs some work.

Lots of people having trouble getting games without lag every game has at least one red bar from what I’ve played which isn’t much due to also being red bar. Shouldnt compare the 2 games being hero shooters is about all they have in common.

Translation: I like OW better

Seriously, just go away with this rubbish. You have no constructive criticism here or suggestion on how you would like the game improved. All you’ve attempted to do is inflame the OW vs. BB competition that nobody here cares about.



the overwatch fans just can’t let us play in peace.

let us enjoy our game you go play your game.

we Battleborn our here because we like this game because it is battleborn and not another FPS


I count two items on the list that I don’t completely disagree with or that aren’t in the process of being fixed.

I love this game. As long as there are enough players to keep developing it, I could care less what game is more popular.


Matchmaking is a big issue. It’s like they aren’t taking level into account at all.

Anyone level 10 or under should never see anyone over 30 this early into the game’s lifespan. Having access to more powerful and varied gear makes a big difference in this game. Especially with the wild variation in stats.

Once you hit around 15, everyone is more or less is in the same ballpark given the right gear and map knowledge, but tossing a squad of single digits up against a group of 30-50+ either ends in slaughter, surrender, or insufficient players to begin a match.


I’m forever amazed that the Overwatch marketing department, very thinly attempting the disguise of
"forum members", believe we can’t spot them.


If the Wildstar community is still kicking, then Battleborn will do ok. Nothing wrong with having a small community.


I love the game

Games don’t have to be perfect for me. Some of my favourite games are averaging around 6. There only a few perfect games around and OW is not one of them. Maybe uncharted 4 is the perfect game.

Anyway I have already had my money worth out of this and still haven’t finished.

There is so much to do, unlock hero’s as they all play different so I can do the story missions over and over. The multiplayer is fun, I lose most of the time but I enjoy it.

I just love it and I can also share this with my husband through split screen which is a bonus.

Now OW is different, it’s a pure arcade game just like streetfighter.

Might get this for a quick fix but I know already I will play battleborn more.

This game is going to last me till the end of Winter.


Hmm… You know, I think I have a snide comment for this. It’s old, and I haven’t really used it in a while, but it’s time, I think.

Reaches up onto a shelf, and grabs a dusty old box and brings it down. With a sheepish, loving grin he blows the dust off the top, sending it floating across the room to dance in the beams from the window. He reaches into his shirt, and pulls on a golden chain hanging around his neck, dragging an ornate key along with it. He puts the key into the old box’s lock, and with a creak it opens. A smile finally crosses he face as he pulls a crumpled, half rotted piece of paper from it, and reads it aloud.

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Last time I heard that joke, I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur :joy:


i just realized the 24th is also the last day i can play before i fly off to the UK to see someone very special to me :smiley:

haven’t seen him in about a year

i think battleborn will be fine without me for 2 weeks XD

Cool story

I love Overwatch as much as Battleborn. I will play both thank you very much.

While you are on your way out of the door of this forum please give your keys to the janitor on the 24th. I’m sure with OW being your fulltime Hobby from that point on you don’t need to come back here right.

I mean that would be just silly, shitposting in a game forum that you don’t play, who would do that.


OP, you do realize that Overwatch and Battleborn are from different genre right?