It's almost 1 week I still couldnt play a single MP game. HW often update something when I exit game

I have 2 problems:

  • When I exit game, there are times that I see the Homeworld updating something. This usually happen very quick, I can say few seconds, like 1-2 Mb update. Is this normal? My friend also get this too, he reinstalled the game but no help.
  • It’s almost 1 week since I got the game, and I couldn’t play a single MP match yet. Password room, region lock (found a workaround), host not found, being kicked before entering room, stuck at loading screen, out of sync, the game is freaking lag once I’m lucky to get into a game (I have good connection and computer rig). Pls give us the estimation for the MP fix, I bought this game mostly for the MP part.

The downloading on exit is the steam sync, disable it if you don’t want it.

The devs are working on a patch.

There’s a few things you can do to help fix most of the problems

Port Forwarding: this fixes some of the sync, disconnect and lag issues.

The passworded room is sometimes because it actually is passworded, but the devs are aware of this bug.
Also there is a small work around that helps stop crashing in MP…

Start the multiplayer beta and select Vs AI, put bots in the enemy slots and startt he game, wait about a minute and disconnect out. I’ve heard this helps.

I’ve also heard that playing with custom badges causes crashes and so does 3v3 games.

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I’m too excited when know the game get remastered, just didn’t expect the MP to be this bad, even with beta tag.
Thanks for your tip. I should be patient and waiting for the patch now. Hope the dev fix the problem soon. :slight_smile:

Check windows firewall also, Once I pardoned HW:R multiplayer matches with friends have been working fine, beforehand it was just a desyncing nightmare

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