It's April now :)

So, will we get mayhem 2.0?..or at least the date :wink:
I’m a bit sick of farming gear that won’t be relevant in a few weeks anymore but I have no other hobbies :confused:

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I believe they said mid april. But i’m thinking it could get a week or two delayed due to everything going on right now.

I didn’t find any statement about that. It always says. “Will drop in April”

if it works like diablo 3 you will still need current level gear for the new mayhem levels

I have current level gear. But it’s a bit pointless to farm for more BiS since I will replace it pretty fast with MH2,3,4 what ever

Yeah pretty much atm I’m just farming the dlc for guns while waiting for re3 to come out

I mean, I am trying to get some elemental boom sickles but honestly I just hope that MH 2.0 will fix dedicated drops…

Probably not not trying to be a downer but I’ve heard nothing from gearbox on anything like that with m2.0

I haven’t heard anything about new guardian skills and yet they just dropped them :smiley:
I think they actually keep some changes for themselves to surprise us with the patchnotes?

well I want a torgue buff then lol

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I’ll second that <3

pro tip try the nukem on moze with her splash damage ammo regen perk and the transformer make sure you have the nukem with three rounds before reload trust me it’s heaven :wink:

I just tried out some launchers yesterday, including this one. It’s strong and I had this infinite launcher fantasy for quite a time. But I think, it’s too “clunky” for me. I like to spray bullets :smiley:

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learn the arc and omg nuke every thing it can get rid of shields and armor and once you proc a burn it shreds thier health with the dot the insane range plus damage means you can wipe out entire maps with that build and still have ammo lol

*edit you can also hit behind cover with the arc

My bets still on the 23rd… and I don’t really like to make bets since I fear of losing lol

You may not of heard but GBX did make mention to new GR and perks in a past Borderlands show episode. :grin:


Not forgetting Shakedown and Vendor event ends today to be replaced with a yet to be announced event for the week.

I still haven’t started Guns DLC yet I’m pacing myself heheheh.

Ugh today already! I should try getting my double turtle frontloader, still

Scratch that it’s tomorrow LOL OMG I’m getting lockdown fever nooooo.