It's becoming hard to find people (PvP Matchmaking)

Hello, first of all i apologize for my (bad) english.

Since the “Alani update” it’s becoming really hard to find people in PvP mode. I was thinking “dam*, this game i really love and play everyday is already dead ?” because of steam’s statistic (1500 players)… BUT! Today steam said 2700 players ! 2700 !
So i asked my friend (beginner in BB) to try the PvP… And guess what ? She find a game very easely and very quickly (less than 2 minutes to find 9 players!)
So, i assume they changed something (again) in the elo hidden ranking and at this point for a player like me who are not that really good (They are alot of players really better than me) we just can’t play the game we bought ?

The machmaking was perfect before this patch, i was finding people in less than 5 minutes and the games was balanced, at least for me.
Please Gearbox do something, we are not alot on PC and i’m sure this is not normal to have to wait alot when we are close to 3000 players…

Change your store download region to find more people, around these hours obviously there wont be many messing in pvp. If you’re living in Europe, change your download region to US or somewhere to get more people to play with. I know, it sucks. They have to adjust their systems into a proper one.