It's been 13 days since Golden Keys

Sure would like to pile some up for new characters.

Expiry date was yesterday. I’d expect some to be issued today/tomorrow.
I’m running low too. Only got 75 now. Just wish I didn’t have to use 10 at a time to get something other than a pistol or rocket launcher.

There were some Golden Keys released on FB and Twitter on Friday, April 24:

Don’t say no to TPS keys.
But, should’ve stated Bl2.

Check those accounts again, I think some BL2 codes just went out :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’m not liking the time it has been taking to get keys, you get some normally every 2/3 days. To boot the bl2 keys have be downgraded to 3 per key instead of the 5.

I really think they need to be released on a regular basis again, this inconsistency is driving me nuts. I am hesitating to use keys because of the potential of having to wait two weeks for the next batch.

If they can’t release them a couple of times a week that’s fine but St least give us 10 keys if they’re going to release them bi-weekly.

I don’t mind the time between deliveries.
My problem is with the RNG gods. If I haven’t found any decent weapons in a few levels I hit the Golden Chest. But end up wasting loads of keys looking for a decent weapon.
Enough with the damn pistols!!!