It's been a little while

I’ve had no wifi for a while, and today I’m getting it back. The last time I played was soon after the sniper perch walls addition. So how’s Alani now? What changed with Overgrowth near the second sentry? Why is Shayne’s taunt so amazing? What’s happening with the looser matchmaking?

Don’t get me started on what they did to Alani, they stepped on her, ripped her wings off and smashed what was left.
The PvP players cried like babies while those of us who only played her on Advanced Story mode got left in the cold.

Yeah, PVE wise Geyser is not nearly as strong, as they don’t really get bound. But realistically, she was still leading in both damage and healing. I think of her as the CC Ambra, and she literally did as much as two Ambras.


last night had an alani go 15 kills 0 deaths.

she still seems like a decent character to me.

shes just not invincible like she used to be.

i still think its way harder to kill alani than miko, but thats just me.

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BUT, what about everything else that’s happened?

I don’t play Miko but I am Master of Deande, Thorn, Oscar Mike, Benedict and Rath, plus Alani.
When I judge her changes I used Helio advanced.
In the past I loved her on that map but now she can’t make it.
Alani is not the character to bring on that trip anymore, she has to stay at home.

To answer in order:

-Alani is somewhat fine now, i still think her Bind is way too strong, but she’s more balanced than she was before.
-Walls upstairs.
-Because it is.

Well, I haven’t played at all, so is it literally just ignoring ELO? Do both teams have amazing and weak players? Does that make premades even stronger? And what is Shayne’s taunt? I think it involves a taunt but idk.

The matchamking seems completely random. But i can’t really judge from my own point of view.
They say they make adjustment, but we usually can’t see that.
I’m not sure if you were still around when they introduced the Rematch-thingy-feature-whatever (You stay with the team you were matched with in the previous game0. Pvp-only.)

For Shayne & Aurox:

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Alani can still be very hard to kill but luckily she no longer can 4v1 and kill 2 of them while getting away. Now she can just 2v1 well. I still rarely die as her. Still super fun too. Almost got all of her challenges done. Just need Ambra which I can’t find when I play as her but when I’m not her there’s tons of her. Just like whiskey all over again T-T

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That Shayne taunt. I just finished buying it for my brother. It changed my life.

First match back! Almost got Worthy of Song too. And I was worried I’d be rusty. I love the new wall near the second sentry. Helped me get a triple kill. I saw the new skin on the enemy Thorn and it looked sick. Also, so glad I’m practicing for competitive.