It's been days since I lost all hope

My name is Attikus. Most of my kind are not known by any name. After breaking free from my bonds I long to lead my people, but only after completing the 5 tasks that were given to me.

As of now I have succeeded in completing 4 of those tasks while the last one alludes me. It seems the enemy would prefer to continually contest us over a currently broken piece piece of land called Overgrowth.

It has been days now of trying to provoke a confrontation at Echelon, to no avail. Until then I cannot show my people our true colors of black, and purple, and thus cannot lead them by example. Even with the terrain not suiting my strengths, it seems the real mission will be trying to draw any enemies to Echelon to begin with. For there is no victory without a battle to fight.


Don’t worry, Atty. Once the Powers That Be raise that wall a little bit, Overgrowth will be a little less popular.