Its been since the beginning

I would post this in the bug section, but I was actually having fun with the bug for the longest time.

There are two locations in which “mortar” icons on the ground don’t show for those who vouch to use lower settings. (I always use lower settings, and have since release). You cannot see the ground texture showing where a mortar would hit (without spoilers, both times exist in “thousand cuts”). The only time I have ever seen these textures was the brief time i used a windowed mode because I was recording my gameplay and wanted the max fps. Has anyone else had my same experience? I didnt even know the ground textures existed until like 2 years into the games life lmao. I dont have any issues with it (I look up to look at the mortars falling, and yes, they will kill you in 2-3 hits on UVHM), but its weird that I haven’t heard much about it here

I haven’t seen them for a while… not sure what setting I changed that made them disappear (I altered the config file to enable “Ryan” post processing, for example), but as I haven’t really had an issue running through them, I haven’t thought about it.