It's been there all along : Skins were right infront of us

I don’t know about you, but I think it looks cool, as hell. :smiley:


Well, Technically…that’s not a Benedict skin. (Though it could be.)

Those were the original colors on Benedict. Then, someone internally realized it made him look too Rogue-faction (since orange is a base identifying color) and re-colored him to fit more in the U.P.R.

Glad you like it, though! I’ll pass it along, and we’ll see if it CAN be a skin early on in release.


Are we making a skin wishlist here?

with a frilly dress. Not sure yet, if pink or not.

Or at least a Goth-skin. Preferably the “girly Goth” look. Not the “rocker Goth”.

Please :cry:


Katniss skin for Thorn!

There’s no copyright infringement there right?

Bald Eagle head for Benedict cuz Merica.


Wouldn’t mind this.
Or more victorian-ish. Completely clashing with her normal looks but it’ll be a skin I might like.

Soooo… a “otherwise-normal-girl-with-a-bow” skin?

Was just thinking of different armor types and such, maybe some casual/regular clothes, it doesn’t have to be Katniss per se. Like any of these:

Or maybe the Assassin’s Creed look:

Isn’t Phoebe the victorian one? That might get confusing imo. Still look cool though.

Good point, but I think that Phoebe’s design is a more modernised take on it. I would say Steampunk thrown in the design perhaps but I could be wrong.

Imagine it sleeveless and it should work.

With the E3 Trailer we got a new introduction of Benedict showing of his new colors. I presumed he got a makeover and that the skin from the first batch of screenshots was his previous look.

Sadly Benedict’s skin didn’t get an update on the ‘new’ promo art :wink:
(Another detail is that some Minion renders got mirrored and that the M1 Logo is backwards) :blcensor:

This skin was mentioned before on the forum.

Maybe it’s cool to have skins of the different factions. Having the what if “XXXXX had joined the #InsertOtherFaction

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Jennerit Oscar Mike? LLC Rath? Rogue Thorn? Eldrid Orendi? Peacekeeper Phoebe?

Ok, I’m on board with that idea :grin:


LLC Orendi, now that would be interesting.

She fires Electricity or Plasma rather than magic.

GBX, make this happen!
/Mechromancer bias

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That sounds awesome.
Also, Crimson Lance armor Oscar Mike and Mechromancer Orendi.

This would make my head explode. Vice versa aswell.

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Why not Tiny Tina Orendi?

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Considering that they share the same voice actor, I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets a skin that resembles Tina.

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