It's dangerous to stream alone!

Hey everyone! Have you every wished you could watch someone you’ve never met play a bunch of random games you could probably do better yourself? Neither have I, but now you can!
But wait, there’s more! Act now and you could watch me be exceedingly mediocre at games like:
Fallout 4
Witcher 3
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
The Division
and more, all for the low low price of free!

Joking aside, I got around to installing twich on my xb1 finally the other day and I’ve started streaming while I play lol. If that’s something you’d be interested in, feel free to join me at for some fun. Be sure to like and subscri-pfft, can’t say that with a straight face :stuck_out_tongue: do whatever you want lol.
I posted this here too because I’ve been doing mostly battleborn pvp the past couple days.

If I happen to get a decent size veiwing that wants to see a certain game, I can switch to any I have available. I’ll also probably be trying to get some of the footage on to youtube and start posting stuff on there semi-regularly. Thanks for the last 5 seconds of your time, and it was too long for ya:

Started twitch
will probably start youtube
Click here:


join the BB-Discord, they’ll flag you as streamer and you can post in the “now_going_live” channel

He’s been with us on the discord for a while, brah. :smiley:

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Started a Youtube channel for content from the streams:

added it to main post, should have new content fairly frequently.