Its fun to play as duke, do the same for borderlands 3?

(King karl) #1

The play as duke thing is weird at first but its growing on me. I think I would really like it even more if they did this for borderlands 3. Like have duke be a DLC character after the game comes out like they usually do when they release more heroes.

it fits better too, borderlands characters don’t typically need to converse as often when you play as them which is a perfect fit for duke’s one liners

(Gerard HDZ) #2

I’d welcome that

(Epicpokegaming) #3

I disagree with this.

If the increase of character dialogue from BL1 to BL2 to the last two HH packs to TPS’s maingame to Claptastic Voyage is to be a trend, then I think we will have a lot in BL3.

I would be fine if we got a few Duke Nukem references or even Duke Nukem themed character customizations, but I feel that him as a playable character would make a larger hole in the 4th wall than Krieg did, and not half as good looking.

The playable characters are taking a bigger role in the progress of the story, and Duke may impede on that.

(Influencer Guy) #4

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(King karl) #5

the characters cant take a big role in a story where they are all interchangable with eachother and the show must go on no matter who you play as

so many one liner possibilities for duke in bl3

seeing a rare gun “i like big guns and I cannot lie”

(Ite) #6

Great idea!

(King karl) #7

ikr? i know exactly what his action skill would be…JETPACK

(Matrixneo42) #8

Maybe Gearbox should make an epic gearbox crossover game featuring characters from all their IPs in an openworld loot shooter campaign Borderlands style.

So, they could use Duke, dudes from Battleborn, Borderlands, etc…

And they could even reuse a bunch of other content, like the maps and such.

I’d buy the heck out of that. But you really can’t put Duke in Borderlands. BUt you can certainly put all Gearbox stuff into a new epic crossover!

Gearbox epic crossover game with all/most of their IPs
(King karl) #9

ofc you can put duke in borderlands, they put him in bulletstorm

and he fits the style of borderlands much much better