Its good if have topic about save file stick on the top in this forum :0

I done read 2 topic. its all about save file corrupt . gun is gone bank wipe . But way to fix is very serious easy . Its just back up save file in computer at my document. If its corrupt . just replace new one in to folder and just go play like its never ever happen .

its don’t even need ticket. don’t even need anything. Its happen to me before. I lost tons of stuff and 15 hour progress . That incident teach me how to prevent it happen again and make me learn how to fix it .

Its very good. If pin a post about save file. top of this forum . make its red text. couz only bluescreen during play can make a save file corrupt. I tired to see ppl come in and scream about it
from an issue is very easy to fix . even dummy in computer . just gamer like me can do it .


is this bug still in the game? also only works on pc i think. when i played on xbox one a while ago you werent allowed to access your save files.

honestly here is pc forum D:
about xbox is no idea. but its have topic about save file on xbox too . you can back up it
I think its already at official help page about xbox save file
you better check it out and back up it .

my last backup is quite old because i thought this was fixed early october.

anyway yes its the pc subforum but i still think about the other platforms, its awful in what a condition the game got released on all 3 platforms. gearbox could atleast sent to everyone that lost his bank a ton of gold keys.

I have my 2 of my friend got issue and bank wipe. they did not know about save file. after a week
on customer support. GB give them a lot of gold key for open that box …

but honesty … If your rank is 250 + … that box is not worth enough just even single one of rare anoid legend is lost .


at least they got a key . its not GB fault anyway . they cant do anything. couz that file is in your own computer :d

the file is locally saved but their bad coded game corrupts them so its pretty much their fault to let us buy a game to beta test it