Its happening. A Borderlands based movie!

This forum has dicussed the what-ifs of a Borderlands movie for a long time. Well it seems that pipe dream has come true!


I’m wondering…couldn’t this be announced at a PAX?

More Borderlands feature film exclusive details this afternoon at the Inside Gearbox Main Theater Show at PAX Prime. I will also magic :slight_smile:
-> Randy Pitchford @Twitter

Well, that is interesting. Wonder what it’s going to be like.

I hope that they know what they are doing…


Ohh dang Kitty.

I made a post in the Gearbox section. Didn’t know this was up. :frowning:

I hooe it and the Warcraft movie change the meta for game movies. Really want to see them both succeed.

I’ve been saying that video game movies are going to be the next comic movies, now that Hollywood have learned the value of treating the subject material with respect.


Any idea on wether its live action or animated ?

I need to not miss that stream :smiley:

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There is not a chance in hell im missing that. I will cancel my life for it

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I agree

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Gaaahhd. I hate it when some one says what everyone else is thinking.


Welp, we have our first casualty.


There will be more tnite at the pax panel , me included

News just came out of an incoming Borderlands film, gearbox confirms.


Here are the details from Variety magazine.

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Already forums discussing this but i can weigh in. I think it will struggle to match the richness of the tales story but i want it to succeed and have the same humor as ingame. Any news on wether its live action or animated?


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The Missus and I just had a mini celebration while getting ready for work.

This will pretty much take up 90% of our conversation tonight.

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It’s going to be 1AM for me when Gearbox panel will be streamed… :frowning: