Its hard to see a Full-Price Game here

I don’t want to sound like all the gearbox haters, in fact in know only Borderlands 1-2.5 from them and liked them very much but I simply cant see what justifies that pricing.
They say its no moba but the singly player campaign has only 9 Levels with 30-45 minutes playtime (from the videos) announced.

Is there a good reason to keep it a secret if there is more?

Okay with the different heroes and difficulties it has some replay value but that’s no real contend.
Also 25 heroes is a nice start but it can’t take so much resources to justify that price,
especially if I hear the same quotes in the videos every three seconds, maybe I’m wrong but I think some free to play mobas have more character lines than that.

I am looking forward to play Battleborn but if all other games that I can comprehend it to are free to play they really need to have something beside the things that I can find in other team shooters or mobas that are worth the money even without the 25 Heroes and X multiplayer maps.

I really hope they deliver that.

Well relative opinions aside, 60$ is the proper price for the current market on comparable games. Games like DOTA Paragon etc. are f2p yes…but they not only LOOK f2p graphic/effect wise but also are dwarfed in content.

Overwatch for example is 40$ (on PC…full price on console) and has arguably 20$ less content (at the least) when you consider it lacks in both PvP mode diversity, has no real leveling/gear system and has no Campaign at all. Yet seemingly noone complains about that 40$ tag.


And it doesn’t help that people take issue with the price BEFORE having played the full game, which has yet to be released.


The only thing that resembles a F2P model in Battleborn is the cheap UI, but that’s actually it.
I can’t decide for you if the game worth his money, but I can tell you the game is invested like how triple A should be. I mean, look at all the things you get for your money: Single player + COOP experience + 25 different (literately) characters + 3 multiplayer modes. I can’t see a reason why the game should cost 30 or 40 bucks, for example.

So yeah, most of the ‘‘Borderlands Haters’’ have played the CTT and were disappointed to discover Battleborn isn’t a new Borderlands, but that’s ok. Right now the game might be a little underrated and misunderstood for him being a new thing in this genre, but when the time comes, you’ll see a big, wide community for Battleborn that will justifies his necessaries in this market.

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$60 for Battleborn

25 playable characters,a 26th already confirmed.
3 PVP Modes
14 or so Maps (do not know if these maps are all for PvP yet.)
At the most that would mean 42 different map layouts to learn if every map has a different layout for each game mode and if every map can be played on a different game mode.

Each of the characters has 3rd Helix Options, seems to be around 5 or so that you unlock by leveling up that individual character. So a lot of build potential.

9 (unconfirmed) Camapign missions ranging from 30-45minutes each. That is on one difficulty. Hard dificulty plus a hardcore mode too, which would give Campaign length at least 9x3x30=810 minutes of campaign.

810minutes= 13.5 hours of Campaign Length at using 30minutes, assuming Hardcore can only be used on Hard. That is then one character. Assume the average person plays only 5 characters.

13.5x5= 67.5 Hours of just Campaign length.

This is not discussing getting the best gear to drop for you and how many runs of Campaign on the highest levels would take per character.

Let us say you play one game of each game mode on each map combo possible, so 42 games in total. Average game length is 20minutes.

42x20= 820 minutes. Another 13.5 Hours in multiplayer.

67.5+13.5= 81 hours total in the game.

Of course my math is assuming a few different variables but the average person does not put 80 hours in to a game. The average person does not finish games nor puts anything more than 40 hours or so in to one game before a new game comes out and peaks their interest. I believe there will be plenty of content to play and is well worth the price.

Overwatch on Consoles is priced at $60 last I heard and is only multiplayer and no one is complaining about that. As well, I can break down costs of League/Smite/Dota for you as well.

Games are standard $60 even though Triple A games are becoming ever more so expensive to create and make. Why do you think DLC is so overused nowadays? Because if a million people buy a game, $60million dollars is no where the amount of money a developer spends on creating their game. Plus the actual developer does not even get all of that $60.


To be honest BL:TPS was half the content of BL2 and it was a full price game. It costs a lot to make these games so its either full price or a riskier venture with FTP given the expense. Many determined fans of Gearbox see no issue with the price. The wider audience though may sit back and await to see if it ends up being good value for money.

Edit: TPS base game and also season pass were half size of BL2 (which did also have more DLC for extra money)

It’s not. Part of it is.

[quote=“Cuxman, post:1, topic:1287969, full:true”]the singly player campaign has only 9 Levels with 30-45 minutes
playtime (from the videos) announced. [/quote]
Ok, so let’s take a quick comparison with another FPS.

Battleborn: That’s 5 hours for a single character of 25; then you have the multiplayer.
CoD: Is (at least) 60$ (Every year) and you got somewhat the same hours of play time for the campaign (Which is usually terribad) with one “character”. Then you have the multiplayer.

In terms of content, Battleborn is actually way above the standard of AAA. And it’s only a quick comparison.

I could have taken the comparison with Battlefront, which cost 120$ and doesn’t even come close in terms of content, but, eh…

[quote=“Cuxman, post:1, topic:1287969, full:true”]Also 25 heroes is a nice
start but it can’t take so much resources to justify that price,[/quote]
Every character have a different skeleton, animation, textures, voice lines, skills, helix, and lore.
Most games don’t even do that. Rarely, even.

[quote=“Cuxman, post:1, topic:1287969, full:true”]some free to play mobas have
more character lines than that. [/quote]
Misconception to think that a Free-to-play is actually free.
It’s free for some peoples, and if you want to. But some others players can spend thousands of dollars on them.
Plus you got locked content if you don’t pay (And those content are often overpriced to sustain the free part of it)
Some Free-to-play are actually more costly than paid games.


But at least Blizzard announced that no future Hero or Map will cost real money, that would be something I would like to hear from gearbox too, anything else would be really bad for the competitive aspect of the game. Pay DLC that’s not purely cosmetic would divide the playerbase in two factions but they don’t make a clear statement there.

Or if they would say something like: “All our campaign maps together are like 50% of the Borderlands 2 maps”, all would be fine but now you just have to buy it and hope that the many (aka shitload of) steam forum comments are wrong.
I mean it would be in their best interest to give us some more info to scatter these worys but all I see is: “it is no moba”, that’s not very helpful to preorder something.

Also with all that math, Difficultys are no contend, a map with bosses, a scripted story andsuch that’s work and time, not 3 integer factors for enemy damage, hp and loot.

Being worth the money is subjective. If you don’t think it’s worth the money, wait until it goes on sale or don’t buy it. The asking price isn’t likely to change.


Most likely what Gearbox will do is come out with a Season Pass that includes all future characters and maps/modes, etc.

Every single character in a MOBA comes out and you either have the choice to spend real money on unlocking them right away or spending in-game currency to unlock them. In-game currency takes forever to build up.

The right way of going about it so they can still make money off of Multiplayer DLC content is:

Give out characters for free. 2weeks or 1 month before character comes out, charge $2.99 for people to have access to that character in multiplayer and campaign mode. This would allow Gearbox to make money due to peoples impatience and allow Gearbox to make changes to said character in terms of balance before it is released to general public.

Then charge for new maps. Map packs: $10 dollars for 3 new maps that can be used in at least 2 of the 3 different gamemodes.

Campaign DLC: $15 or 20 dollars for 4 new campaign missions with added gear (balanced gear stat wise) and missions that keep exploring the world of Battleborn.

Character skins: Buy with in-game currency or charge $2.99 a skin for a character.

Horde Mode: $19.99 Access to a new game mode, take yourself and up to 4 friends and fight off the waves of battleborn that this new evil character has brainwashed your fellow Battleborn.

Plenty of ways for Gearbox to make money if they want to without charging for characters and affecting the competitive side of things.

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All fine if only they would make it clear and not that:
“We thought about it and maybe we do it that way but maybe we do something totally different.”

Diffirent difficulties do give replay value however.

And no matter how you twist or turn the debate, for 60 bucks BB gives alot more content than games from other companies would cough Activision and EA cough.

The more I think about it the more I realize my problems lie much more within the lack of given information at this point than the game itself.

Maybe. Have you played the CTT? If not (And even if you did), at least wait for the Beta, and you’ll have a good idea if you think the game is worth the money or not for you.


They are marketing battleborn, not spending huge amounts of money on it like Blizzard for Overwatch or Bungie with Destiny nor Ubisoft with Division. They are not creating HYPE by TV AD MARKETING. They are allowing their community to go out and tell their friends, get their friends hyped about the game, allowing word of mouth to achieve their goals.

What is the general consensus regarding Destiny and Division? They were too overhyped, too much marketing dollars placed in the wrong places. Not enough content, the promises that the marketing team displayed were completely wrong.

Gearbox is avoiding that mistake. As well, they have a lot of competition this year and blowing up their Marketing efforts right before the Open Beta is their best bet to get as many people to try the game and raise they hype that way.

Destiny was a double price game with a quarter of the content and still sold well. Marketing is a powerful thing…
BB looks to have plenty of content to me.

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There are so many games with so much less content (like say Overwatch) I don’t understand way you say these things.


y u lyin?
Dota is not dwarfed in content nor looks like trash.
I didn’t know F2P had a “graphic/effect” look.

Nowhere did I say it looked like “trash” but graphics, frames of animation, dialogue, background…Everything but mechanics are functionally “less” by comparison.

Youre reacting like I bashed the game, its popular with great mechanic design for its genre…but if you actually think its on the level content wise youre not being objective. There will ALWAYS be corners cut when starting of F2P, unless you have millions to finance a game yourself. LoL is the same way. Killer Instinct is also a great example, which actually has decent graphics, but I could prob count the frames of animation for moves on one hand (lol) resulting in a very “stiff” looking game.

Hopefully if you decide to reply, youll give examples etc. of why you disagree Instead of just “nuh uhhhh, no it isnt”. Thanks;)

I’ve gambled more on less and have not been left wanting. I have a pretty good feeling about Battleborn’s return of investment. At $0.50 an hour for 120 hours of gameplay it is a fair deal. Anything after that is bonus. However if Battleborn is as good as I think it will be I could easily see myself putting significantly more than 120 hours into it.