Its improve performance in new 5 gig patch :>

New patch is improve performance and load time on texture .and make it more smooth ,. its good patch . but I hope to see SLI on . on this beautyful game .


Stop spreading false information; bad cat. Go away. Nothing’s being done in actuality until November and even then, for all we know that could be a stall-patch. Those who want the real information will read the patch notes and not your nonsense. Now where’s that spray bottle at…?

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its really improve performance. and I play it atm
if its bad . I said bad. if its worse I said worse. look at my history post. you will found what post is I made in here .
I play on my 4K . 60 fps. its not even improve like you hope or I hope to see. But its worth to update that 6 gig .

I am not fan’s club in here. I already complain about why my Asus Strix 2080ti OC grade cost 1500 $ each SLI. cant run its at 4k 60 FPS . and I find out its cant SLI . and I already post about . If I need
play it smooth I must run its at only 75 % render. on disable 2 last graphic option @ advance setting page.

I login that 6 gig patch . I see its improve performance. So I post here its improve performance

I am not fans club in here. I can ditch this game away and not look back anymore like other game is I play with my friend . When its not play able for me .

You know about blade and soul ? I play it. I use this name . I paid 1200 USD$ in that game E shop I play with my gank friend . its an social game. They promise to player. about new game engine.
They nocompromise. new game engine not come. and a result is there. I quit it same as most player. leave 1200 USD$ asset over there . even its my bf plastic card but I must paid every cent on I
spend. and I really never looking back in to it. even I back to online there again. there is no my friend left there to IG with .

but well. idk . Why I am here for chat with you . This is waste my life time. I grown every sec. and This suppose to be a game is make me happy . I got nothing from chat with you and try to tell you
a truth is I found.

If you not belive in my word . just so be it. you are just a guy is faraway 5k miles away . and you We wont even meet in real or skype chat. it just waste my time to talk with . and argue with you not
give me anything .

I just here to report. What I found. Next time is have ppl like you happen . Its no reason to talk or communicate with .

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I dunno what to tell you. I’m not familiar with SLI configuration though I’ve stumbled upon some vids recently explaining some reasoning as to why they’re not efficient these days.

I tried Blade and Soul a while back and I can’t remember where I downloaded it from. Chalk it up to old(er) age I guess…pushing 40 and all. My performance in this game hasn’t changed much at all with this latest patch. Not seeing any difference. My hardware isn’t compatible with DX12; could be due to my CPU not able to handle it. Game’s playable on DX11. Not smooth, but passable.

I hope they bring some solid fixes in the November patch. But I’m remaining cynical up to that point. 7 years in development for this? That’s what I keep asking myself.

To the OP I too have noticed stability improvements over this last patch. I used to crash way more then i do now. Still crash when i try to play multiplayer, but in solo play the hitches that used to crash me now just stutter for a few sec then back to normal gameplay. Maybe they put a limiter on the Denuvo packets???

Could be that they’re toning down Denuvo. I guess bad cat and derplands are gonna tattle on me being critical in that regard too, yeah? Go ahead. You two are gonna have to report another 50 people while you’re at it.

If the game does not natively support SLI then you are better off running a single card configuration. A single 1080ti is capable of 4k at 60fps and if you are forcing SLI, you may be stressing the hardware less but microstutters are usually the result.

I used to build my own gaming rigs but got tired of it and now PS4 suits me just fine.

Not seven years. They’ve been working on BL3 since Battleborn, which launched in spring 2016. So that’s 3 years on BL3. The entire company took a break from Borderlands after BL2.

Ah…my bad. Allow me to rephrase my question then.

3 years in development for this? If more time was needed, more time should have been taken. And while I don’t use twitch as a metric for some be-all-end-all measure, I would like to put something into perspective for you.

This game isn’t really scoring so highly in viewership for a game that keeps trying to identify itself with streamer culture; even among in-game events. You guys can check that for yourself though. I’ll keep an eye out for the November patch. No amount of censorship and spite-reporting on this green earth is gonna change the fact that optimization is hot garbage.

If this were a paper, I wouldn’t give it an F. It would get an “I,” for “Incomplete.” A zero. A product that doesn’t function, is not a product at all. Say you bought a vehicle at full price and it broke down in the middle of the highway and the dealership told you it’d be at least two months before any repairs could be done.

You apologists need some perspective. Archeage has more viewers than YOU.

You sound very upset and probably rightly so. But, this above line is kind of silly to be honest. Most people complaining about performance are complaining about stutters and micro-stutters and not about the average fps. And, fyi, graphics cards have little to nothing to do with stutters and micro-stutters in games generally speaking (unless you have low VRAM which modern cards don’t have). The hardware that have everything to do with stutters and micro-stutters are: the CPU and RAM. And, of course, the storage device.

So, relevant thing to say would be “people with fast CPUs and fast RAM with fast SSDs are complaining all over the place”. You could have a extra-terrestrial super high-end graphics card from NASA and yet be having all those performance problems people are reporting.

Here’s the problem with that though. For one thing, the people in the discord have modern hardware complaining about the same stuff. Frame drops to 40 or 45 fps. Yes, CPU factored in the equation; people list that stuff in the troubleshooting section on the discord.

The second thing, on top of all that, is the amount of bugs and glitches people are griping about there as well. And in some places here I’m sure as well.

So yeah, I, and many many others, are upset. But part of me is also confused. You apologists that defend this company and this game. Why? What’s in it for you? I asked you a direct, straight question, and I expect a direct and straight up answer. This isn’t a support ticket. So if you’re not on the payroll, there it is. What’s in it for you?

I’m not trying to paint fans of this series into a corner. What I am trying to tell said fans is that we deserve better than this. Could the situation be worse? Yeah, it could. If people aren’t ringing the alarm, it WILL BE. I can promise you that. Never sell yourselves short, and don’t accept mediocrity.

Lol, apologist and defending this company? Me? Who told you that? I have tested this game on two different machines. One with a highly overclocked high-end CPU and overclocked fast RAM with NVME M.2. It runs perfectly smooth on this machine especially on DX12. And, another machine I tested it on was an i5 4690K, 12 GB DDR3 and a fast SSD. On this second machine, the game is so stuttery, nothing I did fixed it. This PC belongs to my brother and he usually doesn’t bother too much about frame hiccups (he just wants to play a game even if it stutters here and there a little bit). But, this game hitches and freezes so much on his PC, he just quit this game. But, guess what? He is quite a gamer, and there is NO OTHER modern game that bothered him so much that he had to quit playing it. Most games run just OK for his standards and taste on his system.

So, what conclusion do I reach from this personal observation? Of course, that this game is a steaming pile of panther p-iss performance-wise, even though it runs just fine on my personal overclocked enthusiast machine (with a shity graphics card actually, but fast CPU-RAM-storage). When determining software optimization for a software or game, we look at how it performs on most mainstream machines, not on the top 1%. And, in the mainstream department, it is one of the worst performing PC games in a VERY long time that I’ve known. This game may actually be just as bad as Arkham Knight fiasco, but thanks to Epic Games storefront and a lack of community network such as Steam, performance problems couldn’t gain a concerted voice from the many complainants for it to be called out and shamed on media platforms. Just scream it out in this little corner of the internet (this shity forum) and on discord where nobody can hear you. Keep buying more epic games though.

“Keep buying more epics games though.”

Like you did? Thanks for admitting to the bad optimization though. Cya in November.