It's incredibly difficult to find/kill Ambra now?

(PSN: Jme-B) #1

It is the only lore I have not done and I’m 0 for 5. Am I the only one experiencing an Ambra drought? I’m in ps4.


(wisecarver) #2

They need to remove this, not only is it very difficult now but it makes players afraid to be Ambra.
Think about it, you are rare, you will be hunted primarily.

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(PSN: Jme-B) #3

I understand that notion. If I find one, it usually makes its appearance around level 5 when it doesn’t take much skill to melt an opponent.

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(otsuexodus) #4

Use low server pop to your advantage if you have friends.
I’m on Xbox, otherwise I’d help.
We usually get 3 people in one party chat.
The one that needs Lore Challenges queues solo.
Once their counter hits 5 players, the other two queue as a pair.
This gives better odds of getting matched together.

What Gearbox needs to do is edit Bot Battles for consistency.
Almost all of the PvP Lore can be done there, and the omissions make no sense.
None of the kill X 5 times works there, and that’s where it’s needed the most.
I’m tempted to say Kleese’s Map challenge doesn’t work in Bots either, but I could be wrong.


(wisecarver) #5

Odd thing is I got Master of Kleese by doing the Mike dlc and the Bots. (No actual PvP)


(otsuexodus) #6

Glad to hear it!
I haven’t done Kleese’s challenges yet.
I remember there is one other weird challenge that doesn’t work in Bot Battle.
If it isn’t Kleese, I wonder who it is?



Kill her in bots matches, unless it’s bugged. Though I don’t remember that one being bugged.


(PSN: Jme-B) #8

It didn’t count when I tried


(beta382) #9

I’m baffled that people are still complaining about this piece of lore challenge. It used to be 25 kills on Ambra, now it’s 5 kills or assists. If you play the game with any sort of consistency, you’ll find Ambra fairly quickly, and it only takes a single match (mayyyyyybe two) to get those 5 assists/kills.

This lore challenge in no way, shape, or form is making people afraid to play Ambra. Nobody even considers this lore challenge when playing Ambra; most people already have the challenge completed because of how simple it is.


(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #10

I’m also having problems finishing the kill ambra challenges. I’ve luckily finished alani’s challenge but I’m stuck on Galileas now.

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(Hobbit Warrior) #11

@beta382 Since they nerfed her tether length there has been a noticeable decline in the number of Ambra players. It was an easy cheap way to secure kills and when it went away like many similar abilities so did the number of lower skilled players.

It’s tough to put down a skilled Ambra, so I can see why this challenge would be an issue to people just now trying to get it done.


(Pbfdanglez420) #12

As someone who plays ambra just about every other game let me make it clear that I completely forgot this lore challenge existed and that there should be nobody out there who hesitates to pick her because of it lmao. Declin8ng ambra numbers I would believe because they buffed her sunspots a while back trying to make it so at lvl 3 everyone would pick the spot charger and it worked because that’s what Everyone uses with her and that’s fine however now with the introduction of kid ultra and ppl realizing that his stationary drones are the better option for him, they also realize he is a superior option to ambra the way that ambra is currently played by the general public which would mean less ambras (she is still a common sight tho lol) But still 5 assists with gally on one of the softest characters in the game… this is a very easy lore challenge that should never come up on the forums ppl got 25 kills on her back when she was nerf ed to Barely viable and waaayyy more rare of a pick.


(PSN: Jme-B) #13

Well I’m so sorry for asking if anyone else has been experiencing a drought not how difficult the lore is. By some of the responses here, I promise I’ll never ask another question.


(Ambra's Arbiter) #14

I love it. It makes them try to kill me. Usually it does not wnd that way and they eventually feed

Please don’t take that like as an indicator that I want you to not ask, because I just realized one could construe that


(PSN: Jme-B) #15

I never meant it to be about how hard it is though. I’m sure it will be easy to get an assist. I honestly think I recall maybe seeing two over the past couple of weeks is all.


(PSN: SoloSmile (Lazy faff-about)) #16

What modes do you usually frequent?

I find the best places to find Ambra players are on the more mobile modes. Try getting in as many games of capture or Face-off as you can. She excels there (with or without a group).

Incursion Ambra’s are a lot harder to pin down, since they’re usually part of a premade.

Be grateful it’s only 5 kills (or assists!) and good luck. Law of averages will play into it eventually!

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(Velocitas est Vita) #18

Play Capture/Face-Off. You only need to be lucky enough to land an opposing Ambra for one match, because that’ll easily be enough to get it.

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(Keadron) #19

We also Love reading smart replies from people who has an axe to grind against bots but take it out on players instead. I didn’t notice anything in the op stating bots but rather they hadn’t seen many Ambra lately. I’m So sorry if you have an issue with people using bots to get lore but that’s your issue.

@creautions be patient I hadn’t run into many Ambra recently either, but it’s luck with certain modes giving a higher chance.

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(PSN: Jme-B) #20

Thanks. I will. Who knows! I could have it done in another 24 hours and then it will be moot point for me but I think I’ll give back by playing her for a day after.

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(Desimoneprime) #21

I’ve been stuck on 3/5 for over a month. Ambra players on PS4 are rare since she was nerfed. Add to this the fact that Galani is OP and is usually one of the quickest characters picked, and opportunities to finish the challenge are rare. The Bots Battle does not help you finish the challenge. I’ve seen indications on the forums that this is both intentional and a bug, but last I saw @Jythri said they are aware of the issue and working to fix it.

Don’t worry about the old-schoolers crapping on you for daring to pick up the game after May '16. Finishing the Ambra lore post-nerf is difficult; you’re not insane and it’s not unfair for you to bring it up. My advice would be to work on another character until they fix the Bots Battle issue and you have a relatively better chance to complete it (Ambra’s not even a popular choice for the Bots, so it still will take some time).

On this topic, I’m not down with some BB needing the cooperation of other players to finish their lore, while others can get the lore by simply playing enough. I would like to see all of the “Kill X 5 times” or “Play with X 5 times” challenges replaced with something that can be accomplished in PvE, or in PvP regardless of team composition, now that the game has slowed down and matches are harder to find. Face it, without a 5-man remade willing to flush a game, finishing Boldur’s lore is impossible…

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