It's my lucky day!

Since Amara got a skill that give her greatly increase sill bonus damage when she is suffering from an effect (and boost that effect, as in a level 50 weapon with self inflicted splash damage will kill you :confused: ) I was doing the main story again on a new character (Moze) trying to get the sellout (have to reach like 70% of Eden-6 mission progres… quite a while…)

And then… I find this!
Ratata boom boom! :smiley:

Wow look at that! :smiley:
Better than the sellout for my purpose maybe! :smiley:
But gotta level Moze with it for a while, this gun is just too OP at level 23 to give it away yet! :smiley:

Oh and also found this grenade, totally OP at level 23 again! :smiley:


That Krieg gun is kind of bad to be fair, it might be better used as cash at that early stage.

Well it shreds my level 23 enemy like they are nothing… and it my best gun too right now… so I don’t care for your, obviously mislead (and excessively counter productive, as in self nerfing), “it’s bad” argument.
Maybe your head is too much in the end game farming, and that’s lost you there, hey?

However, it might not work for my ultimate purpose, the on fire effect stops as soon as the gun is repaired or cooldown! :confused:

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Whispering Ice is a quest reward, isn’t it? Pretty sure I get it every playthrough.


Is it? would be cool! :smiley:
(I only check my gear once in a while)

I am getting tempted to make yet another playthrough (3rd) with Amara and pay attention to mission rewards this time, haha!
It’s my first Borderlands game ever and… I am overwhelm with the novelty! :smiley:

Though I cant be bothered right now… maybe in a while… :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe after they increase the max level in an upcoming DLC?!

It is and its good for 3-4 levels, then its bad.

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Yes, it’s a story mission reward during the Eden-6 arc.

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haha… how is that any different to any other weapon that got outlevelled?! :open_mouth:
confusing on your “it’s bad” insistence…

Maybe it’s bad endgame, but it was never the point, not sure what you get at here! :open_mouth:

The point is it’s my best weapon by far now, enjoying it…
Further I thought for a moment it could serve my ultimate goal (and the reason of me playing another character though the story to the sellout mission), of self inflicted low level fire damage to Amara. Sadly it won’t work well enough for that, I fear… :confused:

Speaking of it “being bad” i found an upgrade…

A bit challenging for my old people aim… But melting even better ^^
Will try the Rifle on Amara now… we shall see if I could get any self inflicted fire damage bonus…

I like youre having fun! Didnt mean to being negative! Dont get me wrong please.

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I’m fairly certain the Hand of Glory is a guaranteed quest reward, too. You get it from the Gunsmiths stash in Reliance, don’t you, at the end of the mission “The guns of Reliance”


Oke doke, sorry then! :frowning: :open_mouth: :smiley: :heart: