It's not bl2 it's 3

some of you guys need really understand that this is not the borderlands 2 it’s 3 and things is different sequel are not meant to be same as the previous


I constantly see people comparing this game to previous games like “well it was in bl2 so it’s probably going to be like that here”. It really grinds my gears especially when people are trying to make suggestions for a new era game and those people stuck in the past criticize solid suggestions. Bro games now a days are a billion times different than games 7 years ago, get with times and stop trying to keep it all the same.

ha. It s not like the two games are THAT different, their cores are identical.

Imagine comparing games (what people like and what they do not like…) Then using that information to build better games, so to accommodate more players…

For example, the speed of the menu system on all previous boarderlands games was so much better…

I don’t think this needs a whole thread.