It's not me, it's entirely my team

I’m level 30, I have played almost every character, and I easily maintain a 3 k/d. Some games I so much as have to solo a lane against what’ll be 2-3 players, many times it is too difficult, but I have done it. Some characters I have ranged at 6-22 k/d’s but the majority are around that 3. And yet…and YET…I have a .40 win to lose ratio. Absolutely despicable, the entire enemy team will rush me and I’ll have no backup, the whole game I’ll have to solo a lane, the whole game I can get spawn rushed and have no assistance if losing badly. Where is my team? I’ve lost games where I have singlehandedly gotten more kills than the enemy team and my team combined, I had 26 kills that game. My team had 7. The enemy had 16. Most games I get the most minion kills or if not, assisted greatly. AND YET WE ARE LOSING. It is absolutely insane and I cannot believe the teams I have gotten, to carry so hard and lose so badly. Unbelievable.

Rant Over.


It is perhaps that you lack Teamwork. I cannot say for certain; however, it is possible. Smile less…talk more.

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Also, winning isn’t based on how many kills you get sooo… Honestly, there are still a lot of people just getting a feel for the game and their characters. Teamwork also does do wonders, but I understand that isn’t always an option.


Not sure if being sarcastic/satirical or somehow actually serious. So I’ll err on the side of serious. All three Versus modes in Battleborn are objective based.

That means it doesn’t matter one whit how many kills/deaths you have. Last night the team I was on managed to win a very close Meltdown. I had somewhere around 5 kills to 17 deaths, mostly at the hands of a very viciously aggressive Phoebe (taunting after killing her a couple times was in hindsight probably a bad idea). The Phoebe had somewhere around 23 kills by the end of the match.

But my team won. And out of my team, my score for Objectives at the end–as in, minions escorted to the grinders–was the highest.

Not one of the three versus modes in Battleborn is Team Deathmatch. Nobody cares about your k/d score. Push the objectives, help your team, communicate to them when they need help. If all team members do this, then there’s a solid shot of victory. Not a guarantee of course, but it wouldn’t be fun if there was a guarantee.


Kill’s really don’t start to matter until mid-late game when the rez timer is long enough to do anything before they get back up.

Less focus on killing, more on leveling/objectives until later might help.


Probably a 1.5-2 kd across all toons but a 80-20 W/L because no matter how **** a team may be me or me and a friend will push hard as **** until our team has nothing to fight unless they move up.

I will die to kill the sentry or get those 5-6 both through by occupying the other team:

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Wow I’ve never looked at my K/D, I’m guessing though it would be in the high negatives. I get slaughted. The other day I played well over 10 games for 1 kill. Mind you 1) I’m relatively knew to these game types and 2) I was lagging something serious (I couldn’t even hit an elephant if I tried). Think there is still a lot of people that are very unfamilar with the games, maybe playing with unfamiliar characters, but most importantly - just going for the kills. A team of people just going for kills will fail the objectives every time. I’ve just got into (is it) meltdown (the one with the little suicide buggers). I avoided this since launch because I just didn’t get it. Now it is my favourite game type, I run around trying to save their little lives readying them for their eventual demise, and sprinting between lanes looking for team mates to help. Still get slaughtered, still usually get very little kills (thought the other night I got 8), still usually lose more games than I win, but I love it, and appreciate the teamwork involved in winning.


Guess which Team won?

What’s the greatest discrepancy you can see that would attribute that win?

Everyone who commented here has pretty much hit the nail on the head. Your focus seems to be on K:D, killing enemy Battleborn is a secondary objective. If you have a high K:D and get lots of kills that’s great, but not relevant in the grand scheme of this game. Play the objective, not the deathmatch, if you can secure a kill then do so but if not pursue the objective not the enemy. Your K:D is redundant if you’re losing so much, to brag about your stats while blaming your team for a loss even more so.


The deaths on the stat screen also include ones you get in campaign apparently. Not sure if it’s just the ones where you respawn or whenever you go down, but I take the numbers with a grain of salt… the size a truck.

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I’ve never paid enough attention to whether downs where you’re revived are counted as “deaths” but yes, the deaths in your career stats do include the ones in campaign so it’s an even more negligent stat.

[quote=“Jet_Magnum, post:4, topic:1458463, full:true”] I had somewhere around 5 kills to 17 deaths, mostly at the hands of a very viciously aggressive Phoebe (taunting after killing her a couple times was in hindsight probably a bad idea).

To be honest, taunting her was actually probably a GOOD idea. Sounds like it made the player loose focus and go on a player rampage rather than play the objectives :wink:

Huh. I never thought of it like that. Well, that makes me feel a bit better. Will have to keep that in mind for future escapades out of my co-op comfort zone and into Versus. Thanks!

Yeah, I know, right? Back in the old WoW days, the Alliance illustrated itself by systematically going after anything that had a remotely red-looking name during the Capture-and-hold PvP map. To win as the Horde, a good strategy was to send someone to a point, have them drag every defenders away from the point, and then calmly walk to the point and capture it.

In short: baiting is a thing. Sometimes, a death can actually be the result of something useful : you dragged the ennemy away, they kill you sure, but they let 10 minions pass and are now a little further from victory.
Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not a sound strategy, just something to keep in mind… And likewise, do not let yourself be baited away from the objectives or into a trap :wink:

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I just wonder what kind of attitude you are giving your teammates? I never feel like helping teammates who are acting nasty towards me or other teammates, I don’t feel that kind of attitude to be necessary.

You are getting minion kills as well as player kills, so I don’t really know why you would be losing so badly every time. But saying “most minion kills” doesn’t really indicate how many minion kills you’re actually getting. Is most 20, or 60? Are you getting any objective points? (Making sure the minions also get to the grinders, not just killing enemy minions)
Though if your team is not helping you with the objective, there really isn’t anything you can do, I’ve had those games too. Maybe try to tempt them to join you with promises of honor and glory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry that this is directed right at you OP, but I don’t really know how to address this topic without that.

Green team cause way more shards?

This is sometimes how I like to play melee brawlers in incursion. It’s hilarious to just rush past while attacking them and have them chase me down while my team kills the enemy minions and pushes forward. Sure I die, but we can typically make at least a 10-20 point dent in the enemy sentry.

Yes, and Minion kills. Red could never push because they never had any minions.

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I’m also looking at the assists, and seeing more consistency on one team than the other (meaning they were likely playing better together. You know, as a team?)

I have begun to notice some of this as well. I will watch 2 team members go to a capture point, then run into three enemy members. When I go to help and start engaging, I start noticing shortly after I am the focus of all three enemy players. When I turn around to run, the other two are nowhere to be found. I have begun to see more players fleeing from a fight instead of working through it. This may be coincidence, but it’s been this way the last two days. Have seen some of this on the other two game modes as well. I’ll help escort bots, then get killed because the other teammates who were there disappeared after the first shot.

Those focusing on K/D need to find other players who do the same thing and stop screwing the game up for others who wish to play as intended.