It's not really Homeworld 1 Remastered

I think a guy put it best when he said it’s not Homeworld: Remastered it’s Homeworld 2: Remastered (featuring the Homeworld 1 Campaign). We’re not playing the Homeworld 1 campaign. We’re playing a Homeworld 2 custom campaign which closely resembles the Homeworld 1 campaign.

I’m not really enjoying the Homeworld 1 Remaster much. Too much has changed and too much was cut. It just feels like a Homeworld 2 mod. I also am starting to think it was a bad idea to combine the two multiplayers. I just don’t think it’s going to ever work well.


It’s really too bad this was such a missed opportunity. It was done by people that didn’t understand how big of a role the mechanics played in making the original so great.


I would have assumed the original creators in BBI would have impressed the importance on them if they thought it was important, personally. I wonder if anyone is asking BBI about what they think of the different mechanics.

Thing is, the impossible to restore mechanics, repair aside, are of trivial importance. The mechanics that truly matter, such as corvette behavior, have already been modded in in the past and could easily have been implemented in the remaster. Ah well, should be trivial to fix it once we get big writing capabilities.

It’s firstly for Gearbox to fix. People shouldn’t pretend that having a community mod in what makes a remaster actually a remaster is the same as getting the remaster that was advertised and paid for.