It's not THAT bad... But it's bad

I really don’t think the issues with BL3 are THAT bad… But compounded they are bad enough. Up to the Bloody Harvest I was rolling with them. Nerfs were annoying but not game breaking. The events, short of the annointment drops were underwhelming but ultimately not the end of the world. But so much of the Bloody Harvest just seems wrong. The new temporary game mechanic seems weird. Having to farm hectoplasm and then Traunt over and over again is wrong, especially since so many of us have multiple toons which means doing it multiple times.

I really enjoy the story. I like this iteration of the characters… but so often it just feels bad. I’m very happy Outer World’s came out today because I need a little head clearing. Maybe approaching BL3 after a little time in another universe will help me appreciate it more. I don’t know…


All chests rewards are shared with all characters, that means you can clear all challenges with one character and still get all player skins.
It could be confusing when you change your char.

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That is good to know. Even with skins?

Yes, even player skins.
Maybe it’s a bug and all challenges meant to be shared for all characters, but the tracking is seperate.

Even so, that still means I have to do it 25 times on ONE character… Which is just silly.

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The boss still drop Legendaries, so are the mobs. Proving grounds to get hecktoplasm for maurice then 15-20 mins to get to the boss. Its not that bad IMHO.

The legendaries all have terror annointments… And the boss has only dropped a legendary twice in ten kills now.

And it hasn’t dropped the shotgun yet. So hopefully, by my 25th kill it will have dropped the shotgun. Otherwise I have to keep doing the 45 minute cycle until I get it.

yesterday I got the event shot gun and I also got a 125% after action skill thunderfist ball

edit, mixed thunderfist ball and fastball.

my god, thats a lot of balls. :thinking:

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11th kill… Just got my second terror annointed ASMD

RIP, I am sorry for you. /f

I got two Fearmongers yesterday, one from BadAss Ghost in Jacobs Estate and second from BadAss enemy in The Drought.

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Update… 20 kills of Haunt… Still no shotgun. This grind just isn’t fun. Sorry, but no one really thinks it is.

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I’ve gotten two fearmongers, neither of which were from haunt. I wouldn’t stress too hard off getting the exclusives from haunt. Unless my rng was really favorable I’d say you have a better chance just farming slaughterhouse or running around clearing zones. You’ll get it! keep it up you still have plenty of time for it to drop :+1:

I have been clearing zones to get enough Hectoplasm to them get into Heck. My point is, after twenty runs at Haunt… I should have gotten the legendary gun or grenade at least once. It’s like a 40 minute cycle.

Yah :confused: you’re just having bad luck. If you continued to run it a few times a day I’m almost positive you’d have runs with multiple drops by the end of 6 weeks. I know rng is really really frustrating and sporadic.

Again… Not the point. RNG is a bitch… But it goes beyond that. Running the entire thing at least six times a day, as I have, on the same character (because the achieves don’t transfer so doing it with my other three toons is pointless) is NOT fun. The entire thing just feels bad. Ill constructed, ill thought out.

But I agree, I’m going to run it a couple times a day and then bounce over to Outer Worlds as playing the game with this event going on makes all farming pointless.

You don’t need to farm Haunt to get legendaries, i did the kill him 25 times challenge and got exactly zero legendaries from him. Farming Wreck of the family jewel Cargo bay with my Long Musket is what netted me all of the Event Legendaries

… that has nothing to do with my point.

Then what is your point? If you’re not having fun, don’t play. Maurice’s mission is well thought out as it incorporates the thing people do in BL post game and the one thing that keeps’em coming back, farming for that God Tier Roll.