Its not THAT bad

After 13 Graveward oneshot kills i got to lvl 53 and did the scaledown takedown with my chain zane build.
And to be honest, i didnt even feel a difference.
Lvl 50 gear still seems to be viable. Surely its not BIS anymore but there is no need to wipe your entire bank. Your current gear is fine.

Maybe GB intended not to make every piece of lvl 50 gear obsolete while increasing the lvl cap.
I still think 3 levels are pathetic, and wont increase build diversity at all - 4 or 5 points would have opened up way more options to break up the meta. Boggles my mind. Only change for my build is that i now run 3/3 praemunitus.


ah thank you!I was feeling very alone here lately enjoying the update. I got 3 points in supersonic man and it s great supet speedy Zane

This is a problem. If there is no difference, why bother? I’m not saying “you” but I am rhetorically asking GB.


Yeah… I ran SS to 53 and couldn’t tell much of a difference on Zane at all. I’m sure there is more HP and the enemies do more damage but it wasn’t tough running with all my level 50 gear. Hearing that you ran the takedown with level 50 gear should, hopefully, quell some of the salt that is covering the level cap raise. I will likely give it a shot tonight.

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Technically, this means the three skill points are covering the gear to enemy gap, then when we come across 53 gear, the duff will be positive


The bummer their is that until they put in mayhem 2.0 once we get BiS at 53 then their current difficulty ceiling will be a bit lower. But that means we can have more fun with meme builds and lower tier weapons.


It only takes about 6 kills on Mayhem 4.

As I said elsewhere, not always. Will it stop me killing anything on builds close to meta or on meta? Nope. But still… Level 53 has broken more than one of my fringe builds that I spent weeks each farming for.

It was only 3 levels. That was the problem, not power increases. They’re wiping the slate clean for anyone chasing BIS items for a relatively inconsequential number of points.

It’s simply a dick move on behalf of the devs showing how out of touch they are with their playerbase and how obsessed they are with the technicalities instead of the feel/ethics of how Borderlands has functioned for quite a while.

The entire point of the game is chasing top class items. It’s not about whether or not an item ‘still works’ because even 3 levels takes away the achievement of any player who’s managed to get those top class items. Level cap increases are not just a way of altering progress, they are a transaction with players. Players are trading their current progress for a number of skill points. If players don’t consider them a significant enough tradeoff then they simply feel ripped off.

This is an incredibly basic concept that Gearbox has just thrown out the window.

A lot of players are legitimately pissed at them right now.


I also wonder why they bothered with a level cap increase if they’re worried about balancing skills or being too OP with more than 3 points. That’s a valid concern but the answer is to stick at level 50, not this lil speed bump. I am pro-level cap increases but if GBX said “we’re concerned about balance so we don’t want to give out too many skill points so we’re not considering a level cap increase until the March update” (or even later than that!) that’s understandable. It gives a good reason for delaying something players request as well as a timetable for when it may be added.

What we got today was “we’re concerned about balance but we also want to look responsive so here’s a level increase that doesn’t actually change anything and also plays into min-maxer’s worst fears for no reason.” I mentioned in the Community Love Letter thread, but this is a well-meaning compromise that, in trying to please everyone, pleases no one (well, not no one, but a whole lot of people).

I wonder if the level cap increase was something 2K wanted rather than GBX. Because, listening to the Borderlands show, it sure sounds like GBX did not want to increase it.

I think the opposite might happen. BiS gear outpeforms off-meta gear by lot, so it is the gear that will last the longest when it comes to scaling. But niche or specialized builds tend to make sacrifices that the most powerful builds don’t. They’re more likely to require replacements and harder to find b/c fewer people are on the lookout for “suboptimal” equipment.

Unless you mean meme builds like using whatever you find at level kind of stuff, which yeah, should be fun :slight_smile:

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I’m still destroying everything with my level 50 gear. I pretty much expected that to be the case.

I seriously don’t know what we’ve gained. Difficulty? Still adequate for me. Variety in builds? Still the same variety for me (if you can even call it variety).

Now I wonder if someone really loves refarming their gear, why not sell your gear to marcus or give it to someone. Problem solved. You’ve helped Marcus and your fellow gamer and you get the chance to refarm your gear again.

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All level 50 gear will be trash soon enough. Whether anyone dumps it now or later is a personal choice. Everyone needs to come terms with a very simple fact… unless there are hundreds of new weapons slated to come out, what you have now is the pool you’ll be looking at 10-20 levels from now ( give or take a few). If you have 200, 300 pieces of gear with great anointments you’ve traded or farmed for months on end the statistical probability of you getting the exact rolls every 5-10 levels is nearly impossible. Let that sink in kids.

The problem is when you replace trash with trash. Let me put it another way. You added 10 employees so your current workers aren’t overworked. But at the same time you added 10x commitments from clients.

Here´s a little conspiracy theory about the level cap increase, so anybody put their tinfoil hats on (otherwise it´s not fun):
GBX originally had no intention of raising the level cap so soon. They did so because of the red chest event, where a large number of players had no cooldown. Thus they collected tons of useful stuff, while another large number of players had the officially intended timer and got faaaar less loot. While this sucks it would not be a real problem, if not for the strong urge of GBX to “balance” the game, for whatever reasons. This was a move to level the playing field and restore balance.
Sounds weird? Just look at all the nerfs and tweaking that has taken place so far. Oh, found this in the official patchnotes “Added weight to the Guardian Rank random reward selection to favor reward options with less tokens applied to them”. More forced balance.

Pretty sure this is exactly how badass ranks worked in BL2 so nothing new here. Although I am surprised guardian ranks didn’t work this way originally

Yep, that´s how Badass Ranks worked. GBX did announce though, that this time players would be free to apply ranks as desired, and with no cap. Turns out that both claims are not true.


I’m thinking this actually isn’t a bad idea (the 3 points only). Going by how fast I and others have levelled up, had they added the same as they did for BL2 my current gear would most definitely have been junk by the end of last nights sesh.

As it is my gear still easily holds up at 53 and there will be a decent amount of time to hopefully get some on level replacements for my few preferred bits to keep me viable until the next level increase. Let’s face it, who needs 300+bits of gear?. :wink:


it only because the scale wasnt as harsh compare to 2 . op5 and op8 was a huge difference in 2

I have been happy so far. I picked up one of my favorite Dahl assault rifles in a surprise drop legendary L53 Breath of the Dying from a ratch kill in the Spendopticon.

You can’t compare the difference between op5 and op8 to the difference between 50 and 53. You have to look at 50 to 53 in BL2 and make thatcomparison. The difference between levels increases as you level up. Op8 was essentially level 80, so the difference between levels is going be larger no matter what.

mayhem mode basically op level scale but without dmg reduction and slag , i guess we can