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Like @Adabiviak said, the old forums just don’t work anymore. You can’t search, old links don’t work, and so on. The site worked fine for a few months after the move, even though you couldn’t post anything new. I think that functionality should be restored.

I can’t speak for all of the gaming forums, but the Brothers in Arms posts were a priceless trove of stories, personal accounts from WWII veterans, and a wealth of modding tools: code from Botman, tutorials, countless new gameplay ideas… all still relevant because we are still modding these awesome games!

It looks like only the first page of each thread was archived. At least, that’s how the whole thing behaves. I’ve tried a few variants of the query string at the end of the url, but I can’t get to anything that isn’t on page 1 of a thread.

Edit: @Adabiviak’s example seems to stop after page 154. The query string format isn’t the same as the one I was getting on some pages I was looking at earlier though. Need to do some more digging…

Could anyone knowledgeable please make a working link to this page?

It is supposed to link to the Max Stat Relics, Class Mods, Grenade Mods and Shield Lists.
The link is broken now, and that kinda makes me sad.

Here is the updated link using the oldforums tool:

However, the hyperlinks on that post are no longer functioning as a result of the archiving process. You’ll need to modify them by removing the oldforums junk from the beginning of the urls:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’ve got updated links for some of those already on the page noted below. I can had some of the other links to the same post if that would be helpful?

Sure @VaultHunter101, go for it! Thanks!

Just want to say hello,couse this is my first post :grin:


Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

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Hello! :heart:

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Just stopping in to say hello - first post, happy to be here.



I just came back after a LONG time away (poor health, bed ridden, etc).
I could log on with my normal account from back then, but it says I am a newcomer to the forum, when I had a LOT of posts on the old forum (maybe 400-500+ posts and threads? ).

So, just asking, why wasnt my time on the old forums reflected here in the new forums?

Shouldnt all of these ‘unlockables’ already be unlocked for me, automatically, based on history?


Sadly, no. Everyone started with a totally clean slate on the new forums. One reason is that the underlying structures were simply too different to allow a port’n’merge of old and new. It was investigated, but apparently turned out to be too complicated to implement. I would not worry about the unlockables at all.

Nope, but the training wheels come off very fast, you won’t notice the difference after a few hours total

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies.
And for the welcome back (carter).

So, I hope this is a quote.
It doesnt look like it.

But, 1 thing could have been easy to do, is have a crawler go through the site and record name, post counts, and maybe friends. Record them for each person.
Then, on new site, crawler goes through and puts back those basic items.

That would have been pretty cool.

Highlight the text you want to quote; you should see a “Quote Reply” button appear. You can also do that while editing a reply, so you can include multiple quotes in the same post. Like this:

Well possibly, but it’s a bit late now. As I said, the initial thought was to port the old forum posts to the new, but that turned out to be impractical. It all got archived (I’m guessing using some version of the Way Back Machine), but a lot of things didn’t get included - typically, you just get the first page for each topic, so a lot of the internal links are permanently broken.

You’re right though, it would have been pretty cool. :dukeaffirmative:

I had no idea where to put this but I have a song suggestion for BL3 as you have some good tunes for your other releases I was wondering about opinions on this.

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Eh, u can’t beat the Vikings so I’m sticking with that