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(Poorly drawn Starlord) #21

I’m pretty sure the old forum was dipped in Carbonite and imprisioned in Jabba the Hutts dungeon.

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(Influencer Guy) #22

I was gonna go with Viking burning boat funeral, but some of these are somehow… Better.

(Multi-Capsed Relic) #23

IPB had the ability set urls’s as categories to link to their places. perhaps you can do this here?


I had a funeral like that once.

(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #25

If you keep being sent out to sea and set on fire, I suspect you have been frequenting Carnival Cruise lines.

(Metal_Mayhem) #26

Really digging this new forum. It feels fresh and new.

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(Super Badass Constructor ) #27

It still has that new forum smell too.

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(Metal_Mayhem) #28

Yup. The layout looks more advance. The old forum looked like it was stuck in 2009 and couldn’t let go of it. :frowning:

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(running is punk... on a personal level) #29

No its a common problem, I showed you befor.

Im having the problem on mobile, havent check on pc.

(LootHunter) #30

Maybe a funeral is the wrong way to go. Putting it in the Natural History Museum behind glass with an old Commodore Pet keyboard to use for searching the forum, so people could say “Hey look at how they used to game in the old days” - the legend would live on…

(Watcher on the wall) #31

Shows that way on mobile for me as well. Thankfully, its just the “this is pinned” notes.

It smells like new shoes.

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(running is punk... on a personal level) #32

[quote=“Kitty_Jo, post:31, topic:82660”]
Shows that way on mobile for me as well. Thankfully, its just the “this is pinned” notes.[/quote]

I know but say that to my poor poor eyes.

(Super Badass Constructor ) #33

Discource used Flash


my eyes fainted

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(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #34

It would be creepier if it was still fully sentient and had an evening life.

Some odd scenario where the forum is essentially Johnny Depp from the beginning of the Lone Ranger film.

(Influencer Guy) #35

Yea, that’s what I thought @Kitty_Jo- it’s just the notes saying the thread is pinned, etc. Hopefully to actual post are doing that. If you see any @itsTwister, let me know.

Not sure why it’s happening in the first place though. Seems like a browser update thing. Unless your browser(s) are current?

(running is punk... on a personal level) #36

Its only the pinned post that looks like that and its been like that as long as I can remember.
On computer the posts are solid black which is nice, they stand out as they are ment to do, but I dont understand why its such a bright yellow on mobile…
Its not really a big problem as it isnt any important info but still, my eyes.

Im using Google Chrome on iOS, both latest versions.

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(Cast Iron Chef) #37

True. At least we get a good laugh out of it. :wink:

Question: are the new forums going to be newforums or are we going to change to just forums? Thanks.

(Jeffybug) #38

@Gulfwulf We just finished up the DNS transition to We’re keeping up for another week or so, but you all should start using when possible :slight_smile:

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(Cast Iron Chef) #39

Will do. Thanks.

(Sheriff) #40

For those who might care: ( @Gulfwulf, @Sljm, @Derch, @Blutfatal, @ThatOneGuy23, @Exotek, and all of those who had guides and/or builds in your signature)

Even though you can’t post on the old forum anymore, you can still edit your posts and signature. (so I went ahead and edited all the links in those to add the “old” part in front of the address) :slight_smile:

Otherwise…all the internal links are broken :frowning:

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