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(Influencer Guy) #41

What a champ! :smiley:

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(Sheriff) #42

Will the possibility to edit your posts on the old forum remain, or will it will be locked at some point in the future ?

Because as it is now, it’s pretty much the best of both worlds for the most active members of the community: you can still use the edit button to be able to copy-paste the formatting from a long post, you can edit old threads to add updated links to the new forums, you can go back and fix internal links, even edit your personal notes!.. this is very convenient.

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Thanks for custom titles

(Super Badass Constructor ) #44

My name is too long now lmao

(Influencer Guy) #45

The plan now is for that functionality to go away. Not sure how it will last to be honest.

(Berserker) #46

Since the last forum update I can no longer view the icons under posts (like/share/flag) and next to my profile pic in the upper right corner (notifications/search/category). Running my mouse over the invisible icons pops up their descriptions so I can still use them. But it’s odd that they’re no longer visible.

(Influencer Guy) #47

@AMG_75- is your browser up to date?

(Berserker) #48

Yes it is. Earlier today all the forum icons were here as usual. But when I logged in tonight they were gone. Still functional, but no longer visible. It’s not board breaking, but I figured I would inquire about it.

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(Influencer Guy) #49

Yea, definitely. Always feel free to pass this type of stuff on. :smile:

I’ll pass this on and we’ll investigate. Thanks!

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(Berserker) #50

Thanks Joe. :smile:

(Influencer Guy) #51

Sure thing, @AMG_75! Also, what browser are you using?

(Berserker) #52

I’m using IE 11 to view the forum.

I also have Google Chrome on deck that I use for sites that don’t agree with IE.

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(Cast Iron Chef) #53

You may need to clear your cache, AMG. Also, don’t let Sjim know you’re using IE…I had to upgrade Opera to get it to play nicely with the site. :angry:

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(Berserker) #54

I’ll give it a shot.

(Cast Iron Chef) #55

I hope it works. I had to do that with the old version of Opera. I updated because I was getting tired of having to do it every time I came here.

(Berserker) #56

I cleared up my cache and reopened the browser. No dice, the problem is still there. I appreciate the input though.

Thankfully the forum still functions fine.

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(CDR_Shepard) #57

Frustrating doing a google search of something re: Borderlands, finding tons of stuff but link leads to “The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private” But, putting “old” in front of the link works.

(Neon-Fatkid) #58

This is a large improvement. Less clutter and visually simple. Nice work.

(Influencer Guy) #59

Thanks, @davila_fault! I think once they get used it, most people tend to agree. I know I do! Thanks for signing up and welcome! :smiley:

@CDR_Shepard- FWIW, this will be temporary. We’ve obviously had to move around URLs in the hard transition, so that stuff will work itself out in time.

Glad you can at least get the experience, @AMG_75. I’ve brought the issue up to the devs and it’s on our list. Thanks, as always, for the head’s up on the issue and your patience while we get it worked out.

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(Berserker) #60

Thanks Joe. I appreciate the effort you guys put into making the new forum as pleasant as possible for us all to use.

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