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(Influencer Guy) #61

We definitely do all we can, but ultimately, we collectively (the community) make this place what it is!

(Min/Maxing and Flakker god) #62

I still need to edit the ones on here for the new forums links… Just busy with real life.

(Cast Iron Chef) #63

I’ve liked it since I updated Opera, it seems more user friendly than the old one.

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(Chitsa) #64

Gee in mobile view your post backgound is light yellow with white text… ish.

So on a mobile device your posts are unreadable and whatever mobile features there are are not really usable as a result.

discourse still makes terrible use of space and seems designed by the color blind. 20% of the display taken up by headers? ‘this is the foo forum’ i feel like the page has been slagged by the pumpkin king


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(Influencer Guy) #65

That should only happen on posts that are saying that a topic has been pinned or closed or something like that. In other words, not crucial info. If you do see it elsewhere though, definitely let me know.

In the meantime, try switching to desktop view in the hamburger menu at the top right or your screen.

(Cast Iron Chef) #66

Hamburger? It looks more like half of an I Ching hexagram to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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(Cheersploding as I type!) #67

Trigram is the word you’re after.

(Skeeteruk) #68

On a desktop pc the forums load up fine but on my moto g mobile phone every single navigation to a new page has this annoying loading system which vbulletin ones never did. I hope gbx can sort that loading constantly per page issue out. I mean the moto g is no slouch and is considered a pretty decent phone.

(Cheersploding as I type!) #69

I’m on the same phone, I only get a brief- less than a second- delay, if on Wi-Fi or 4G.

(Skeeteruk) #70

Several seconds (about 5 or more per page navigation) all the time on wifi which i have 100mb down 6mb up virgin fiber connection, the mobile gets about 50mb down and 6mb up through wifi. This is the first gen of moto g. Using the default chrome browser.

If your on 2nd gen moto g, dunno if u knew but lollipop android is being sent out now for them phones. 1st gen still have to wait tho. :frowning:

(Influencer Guy) #71

Yea, it’s no secret that we’re working some kinks out of mobile along with the Discourse team. We have a mobile issues thread, so everyone can feel free to check that out.

It’s a WIP. We’ll get there!

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(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #72

Just an odd suggestion Ladies and Gents.

The Trade Post and the online play section may be a bit better defined if they were split in to two subcategories.

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(Influencer Guy) #73

@Giuvito- We considered that in development, but decided to combine them to cut down on the clutter.

(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #74

Yea mate. I figured that was the case. I was just looking at the layout and I suppose you’d need to make it almost twice as long to facilitate that.

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(Influencer Guy) #75

Yea, there would be a lot more going on. Our thinking was that this way, it’s a bit more of a “one stop shop” so to speak.

(Chitsa) #76

If I cannot read a post filling up 1/5th of my screen space with banana colored pain, then I won’t use mobile. Which means that I am stuck with desktop views.

I know the bootstrapism for fluid view dropdowns look like. I tried the mobile view and got banana shake.

No smoothie though. : (

Discourse advertize themselves as designed for mobile. A stretch at best. A bold faced lie by most measures. I read several different online magazines. Even the worst of them handle replying to comments more nicely than discourse.

The best of them are orders of magnitude cleaner and faster. vBulliten was clean visually at least. And fast. New should mean better, not ‘new’.

Discourse tries too hard to present too much information too opaquely to be useful. Half the icons are gibberish, half the info uninteresting and 2/3 of any page is taken up with an icon advertising where you are.

GUIBloopers stresses that a site has about 10 seconds to be comprehensible to a user before they click away. Discourse seems to need a 30 page manual.

(Influencer Guy) #77

Maybe a better way for me to have said this would’ve been to say that if see one of the yellow posts, just ignore it. It’s basically documenting where forum staff has done some sort of action to a thread. It’s not pertinent info.

Also, please see above.

@Chitsa- while I fully respect and appreciate your opinions on Discourse as a platform, the feedback I’m most interested in is what we can do within our specific instance in regards to improvements.

(Cast Iron Chef) #78

I don’t use a mobile device, so I can’t comment on them, but I enjoy using the board - it’s more versatile than Vbulletin ever was.


@joekgbx I agree with @Giuvito and maybe add the platform in the viewable name for each Online Play and Trading section. Because as it stands right now, I never know which Platform I’m going to if I click on a new topic from Latest. So for example TPS: PS3 Online Play instead of the current Online Play and Tradin… mini-heading that you see.

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(The Tick) #80

Is there anyway to translate an oldforum url to still get the info? There was SO much info there & I’ve bookmarked pages. I really would like to still access it… or maybe copy the info. I did not think that the stuff would just disappear forever. Thanks.