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Looking into this now. The old vbulletin forums were recently transferring into static HTML, which changed the URLs. Seeing if there’s an easy way to convert an old oldforums URL into a new oldforums URL.

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Ah, very glad to see that it wasn’t on purpose! Please keep us updated!

After looking around a little more, it is erratic…some pages will load, some won’t. No way to search, since we can’t log in anymore.

(Jeffybug) #83

You can use this link:

to generate a new oldforums URL from an old oldforums URL.

For example, inputting will generate you this URL:

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Boy, that’s a little inconvenient…and, it works for some threads but not others. And, it appears there’s no way to search it?

(The Tick) #85

Thank you for the search form.

I guess I should have watched these forums. I also should have made a private copy of the info. There are so many posts and google search results for folks looking for information that still refer to the old forum. It’s too bad it’s mostly gone…

The search form finds some, but not all. Neither the “next page” links work, nor does a search that specifies a page using “&page=…” as in

Here are a few urls that are not found. If I recall, I went through my notes and just added “old” to the original url’s that I had saved–I probably did not test the result to see if it was still valid. It could also be that I copied the original url incorrectly.

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Yeah, it’s mostly broken at this point. If a thread loads (an iffy prospect), only the first page is visible.

Please fix this…even if it’s just temporary, so we can all make a mad rush to archive everything we need.

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Well nearly almost five years and I’m still here. Have had disagreements and I may not be totally convinced on the new board but eh. What can you do?

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It appears that the old forums have been archived based on a snapshot taken in early March of this year (I’m not sure exactly when the snapshot was made to be the destination for the old forum though… earlier this month?). The forum-based “mechanics” (logging in, searching, certain links, and certainly posting/creating new topics) no longer work; it’s just a collection of the posts. I can browse threads, but can’t use the links to subsequent pages of these threads, for example. For those of you who have links back to various posts on the old forums they may need to be updated accordingly. The link below points to @CountKarloff’s original O.T.D.H. map thread, so you can see the URL restructuring. For the record, he has ported this post to the new forums; this is just an example.

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Any update on this? There still are lots of threads that are un-findable, and only first pages (and no images) are visible for those that were backed up. Is this broken state going to be its final form, and we should just suck it up and get over it?

for example, this SEI testing thread has no “captures”

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #90

It’s like that thread got skipped? I can find it in Google’s cache (which gives me the author, post date, thread subject, etc.) and can go to the section of the forum where it was originally posted, but it’s missing from that page? Was it moved elsewhere by a mod after Google cached it, but before Gearbox archived it? It should be the last post for October 17th after “Level 16 Penetrator? LOL”, I think. I didn’t see it stickied at the beginning of the thread either.

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I pinged the team on this today and they are still looking into it. As soon as we have more info, we’ll let you know. Thanks a ton for your collective patience!

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Much appreciated!

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Like @Adabiviak said, the old forums just don’t work anymore. You can’t search, old links don’t work, and so on. The site worked fine for a few months after the move, even though you couldn’t post anything new. I think that functionality should be restored.

I can’t speak for all of the gaming forums, but the Brothers in Arms posts were a priceless trove of stories, personal accounts from WWII veterans, and a wealth of modding tools: code from Botman, tutorials, countless new gameplay ideas… all still relevant because we are still modding these awesome games!

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It looks like only the first page of each thread was archived. At least, that’s how the whole thing behaves. I’ve tried a few variants of the query string at the end of the url, but I can’t get to anything that isn’t on page 1 of a thread.

Edit: @Adabiviak’s example seems to stop after page 154. The query string format isn’t the same as the one I was getting on some pages I was looking at earlier though. Need to do some more digging…


Could anyone knowledgeable please make a working link to this page?

It is supposed to link to the Max Stat Relics, Class Mods, Grenade Mods and Shield Lists.
The link is broken now, and that kinda makes me sad.

(Jeffybug) #96

Here is the updated link using the oldforums tool:

However, the hyperlinks on that post are no longer functioning as a result of the archiving process. You’ll need to modify them by removing the oldforums junk from the beginning of the urls:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Old forum links produce error
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I’ve got updated links for some of those already on the page noted below. I can had some of the other links to the same post if that would be helpful?

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Sure @VaultHunter101, go for it! Thanks!

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Just want to say hello,couse this is my first post :grin: