It's Oh So Quiet

Sorry for the general lack of posts… we’re working towards a final stretch for the upcoming patch, and that means we tend to be quite focused on that :slight_smile: We’re still here though, as some of you are likely very aware :wink:


It’s only particularly quiet… from a certain point of view.


That is quite okay if that is the reason :smiley:

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It has been good to hear devs, like yourself, posting about what is going on in the past. With the upcoming patch, just giving us tidbits of information is fine at this point. I wouldn’t expect a bunch of screenshots from Gearbox until it is in a working state.

I posted a reply in the Homeworld multiplayer beta section, the latest thread; you might be interested in reading that. Please tell me this patch changes the campaign (i.e. buffs the Kadeshi, re-introduces ramming, makes the Turanic Raider carrier attack the mothership in mission 4, makes swarmers deadly again, etc.).

Wait and see, the thread you just posted in tells you that communications will be minimal until the patch drops so don’t expect any information until the patch actually drops and since they haven’t said anything in regards to the wishes you just expressed I wouldn’t expect them to be in that patch, but you might get suprised :smiley: just don’t expect them to be in it since nothing along those lines has been mentioned yet.

Does this mean that it is in QA now?

That is the most good news from last year about HW.