Its okay to Surrender

Enemy has both sentries at full health while you’re down one sentry and your last sentry has 1/3rd of its health left and the score is 2 to 21?

Its alright to surrender. Seriously. No reason to force other people to remain in a one sided match just because you and your friend don’t wish to surrender.


Surrender = less rewards and I hate quitting a match early no matter what. If they get the victory I want them to get a full victory not a surrender win.


Or just finish the match. It’s okay to surrender but I prefer to keep fighting. Winning a match is only a small part of a battle IMO. I think a bigger chunk is just getting to play. To fight. Even if you’re outmatched. Besides, you get more XP the longer you fight.


Some of us don’t need the rewards…


Yeah but I don’t want to surrender even if there looks like no chance to win because there might be.


Been 16 too 100 before… failed surrender then won the game. So ya… people need to try


To each his own but watching three members of my team kill bots while getting bum hammered by the enemy hoping some of the enemy players disconnect so we have a chance at winning isn’t my idea of fun.

Personally, even if my team is losing I wouldn’t initiate a surrender or vote yes if it’s a fun match (which most are!)

I think I’ve only voted yes once and initiated a surrender once and that was because in both of those matches we were getting absolutely demolished and it just wasn’t enjoyable when galiliea and miko could 2v5 us with their marquis cheesing our sentry (incursion-overgrowth).

Having the option to surrender is healthy for the game so I’m glad that GBX added it. The main complaints that I’ve seen about it are the fact that the community loves to initiate surrenders when the game isn’t completely lost yet. Which, out of my 56(I think) matches in pvp I’ve only had 1 or maybe 2 matches where my team surrendered prematurely (I play on PS4, maybe it’s less pervasive there?)

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I’ve had nice comebacks before, but damn, that must have been sweet!

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I suppose that could be a factor. I play on ps4 as well and just listening to the community talk, the pc community appears deathly toxic. Ps4 side has been incredibly pleasant for about 95% of my matches.

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Depending on how I feel I may just surrender if the enemy is clearly superior and sometimes I’ll wanna keep fighting for the pride of my Scottish ancestors. I don’t feel we should get angry at people who have every right to call for a surrender. When a team surrenders when they’re about to win or something like that… ehhh, different story.

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Seriously, do people forget that there is a “leave match” option? Also, let me preempt anyone who wants to use the “you don’t get anything if you leave” argument, by utilizing the “you get more XP and credits for a completed match” argument. You feel that i’m unfairly keeping you in a match you don’t want to play when i DON’T surrender; i feel that you’re forcing me to leave a match i don’t want to leave when you DO surrender. It’s a two-way street, and neither side of the argument is “right”. That being said, captain Taggart tells us to “Never give up! Never surrender!”

Yes, games where it isn’t completely lost yet shouldn’t have people spamming surrenders.

But games where it is obvious that you have lost, people honestly should just accept the surrender and move on. I’ve played through several games that were lost games because people were too stubborn to surrender. We still lost and it ended up not being enjoyable because of how one sided they were.

Frankly a waste of time.

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i try not to talk about these topics since i know so many people are going to disagree with me but i really dont understand the hate for surrender in this game in other mobas most people seem fine with it but here if you such much as bring it up it feels like people are at you’r throat

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What is a waste of time is a matter of perspective. Did you ever think that maybe the people who aren’t surrendering are trying to complete lore challenges? Or maybe they’re trying to grind out every last bit of XP before the match ends; i find that many low-level players do just that. Just like i find that the LARGE majority of people who want to surrender, are the people who are getting negative K/Ds, despite it being a team-based objective game, and not COD. If i had a dollar for every stomping that changed to a victory, i could buy this game for a friend. There are just too many factors that can result in the flow of battle changing in your favor. All of that aside, my original point still stands: You don’t like being forced to stay; i don’t like being forced to leave. When it happens, it happens.


Probably because they paid to play a game, and don’t like it when others have the option to end it for them. I certainly don’t like having to spend 5+ minutes getting into a match because of the time it takes to find players, have someone disconnect because they couldn’t get the character they wanted (this week it’s Alani), find another match because the previous one disconnected for lack of sufficient players, then rinse and repeat. They probably want to PLAY the game, not surrender and leave until the teams are heavily stacked in thier favor.

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eh i was just saying how i find it weird that its received so negatively here and how people go crazy on you when you so much as say the word surrender i just find it weird and will never understand it is all :stuck_out_tongue:

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There are times to surrender. I just don’t like it when people already begin spamming the Surrender option just 5 minutes into the match.

Look, i don’t mean to lash out at you, but look at it this way: Battleborn is already failing. It’s dropping in price at a frightening rate, and while Gearbox can claim that it’s a sale to attract new players early on, they aren’t fooling anyone; it’s going the way of Evolve and so many other games that, while great, just can’t get that playerbase established. So, in my case at least, i want to enjoy every last bit of the game before it dies, and finding a lobby of people becomes a 30+ minute afair.

Exactly. I find that this almost ALWAYS happens when someone on my team can’t get Alani, Galilea, or whatever character they want. It’s sad, but unstoppable.