Its okay to Surrender

eh i guess i dont usual talk about things like this that people feel strong about since there is no right answer i just dont think people should act like apes when it comes up not saying you are just saying as an in general thing

As i said: no right answer. In other words, for both sides: It’s fine until it happens to you.

hahaha thats so true for so many situation,s as in so many people think like that its kinda scary

Please understand that I’m talking about surrendering lost games. A game isn’t going to be written off as lost 5-10 minutes into the game.

It usually takes about half the game’s time, 15 to 20 minutes to figure out if a game is one sided or not. If it is, then some people want to get out of it. It isn’t fun to face a team who’s completely demolishing you. You don’t get to do anything. You’re oppressed and forced to stay away or if you try to fight, you die. Like a full premade with mics versus a random group of 5 with no mics and washing the floor with them through the use of superior teamwork.

Please understand that a game is NEVER lost until one team beats another; it is LITERALLY impossible. That being said, i do understand that some people don’t like to be forced to play against their will, and there HAVE been times where i’ve surrendered; but you don’t seem to grasp MY point, that some people don’t like to be forced to LEAVE against thier will, no matter how the match stands. I know what it feels like to be rolled, because i ALWAYS play with randoms; a team of communicating players IS a nightmare sometimes. However, aside from EXTREMELY rare occasions where the enemy team ignores the objectives and instead focus on killing players (these are the times i DO surrender), if you are getting rolled that bad, the match will be over in a matter of minutes anyways. “Well, i don’t want to sit there and die.” Sure; who DOES?! Yet i seem to find that if you stick at it, you’ll turn the blackest-looking of stompings around more than you would think. Isn’t that worth an extra MINUTE or two your time? Even if it isn’t, don’t forget that it takes THE MAJORITY OF YOUR TEAM to accept a surrender; that’s 3/5. If the majority of your team thinks they can turn it around, who are YOU to say it’s wrong? Who are YOU to say that you’re right?

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We’re not going to see eye to eye if that’s how you really feel.

Speaking from several years worth of experience and time spent into playing and watching MOBAs, games very well can be decided before the Victory/Defeat messages appear. Some of us understand this and know when to throw in the towel so we can move on to more enjoyable matches.

But Battleborn isn’t a MOBA.

It kind of is, actually. Somewhat.

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Incursion mode is a MOBA mode.

It has 1 main lane with 2 objectives, I would hardly call that a 3 lane MOBA with massive jungle and flanking options because lets face it the options to flank in this game are obvious as ever.

In a MOBA you also have a range cap for any attack meaning you can’t snipe a tower from a safe distance.

This is nothing more than an Objective based Hero Shooter that I would hardly call a MOBA because of one game mode that doesn’t even match the MOBA formula.

It may not be a 100% traditional MOBA, but the overall design of the game is clearly based on MOBAs. Especially the characters. Each character having 2 skills with a short CD and an ultimate with a long CD, the types of characters, everything is all the same cookie cutter formula MOBAs use. And we are talking about characters here, so yeah…

You have creep waves that you push towards objectives that you must destroy. That’s essentially the skeleton of what people deem MOBAs. It has its own twist and flavor, but its still a MOBA style mode.

That does not mean you can compare your experience with one game and attach it one that is not quite the same but has inspiration from it.

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Haha, and some of us realize that there’s a nifty little option called “leave match”, where you can wait patiently for the match you didn’t want to participate in to end. This is what i do the few times i give up on a match, yet my teammates want to stay. I’m done arguing this, because in the end, it boils down to this: you’ll continue to imply that i’m stubborn and selfish; and i’ll continue to imply that your a selfish quitter. So why bother? As you said: We’ll never see eye to eye on this matter. All that aside, i honestly hope your gaming experience improves. Good day, Sir or Madam.

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The only time I try to surrender is when a player leaves the match. 4 v 5 is just not fun at all, and I’d rather get out of that game and into a real one. Also, sometimes if your team of 4 is good enough you can hold the enemy team back from rolling through for a win early which just drags the match on.

My only rule is I will play full throttle regardless of whether I want to surrender. It’s just not fair to the other players to give up.

Besides, part of me is still hoping for that 4 v 5 victory. Hasn’t happened yet, but it’s got to eventually.

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Last night we were in the same situation. Except the opponents came on so strong they had already gotten our sentry health down to 90 on their first push. (They were 2 pre-mades. We were a 2 man with 3 randoms.)
One player on our team rage quit in less than 2 minutes. A few minutes later our 1st sentry was destroyed and a surrender vote came up. 5 vs 4 and two of us said no.
100 to 20 health.
5 minutes left in the game it’s 50 to 18.
2 minutes left in the game we won.

While I agree it sucks to be out matched you will NEVER get better giving up. Play against better players. Suck it up and ride it out! You never know what can happen. I’d be willing to bet the 5 of them are still scratching their heads.

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in this circumstances, yes surrender is okay, atleast the losing team tried to fight

Its a choice people, some will chose quick death others will fight till the end. Personally even if im losing i try to kill people anyway 'cause its one kill closer to Angel of death

It’s a video game;
Video Game means Fun;
I like having fun;
When i play BB i have fun;
Even when i loose i’m playing;
And Playing means fun.

Unless you have at least 2 afks or the enemies are farming you at the spawn and you cant even reach the lane, there are no reason to surrend. Because you are playing, and playing doesn’t mean Victory :slight_smile:
For me surrend is cowardly and pathetic

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Waitwaitwait, hold on… I know i said i’m done arguing with you (and that’s true), but i have to say, er… TYPE it. -takes deep breath- I SURRENDER to you! Ah… Haha… Okay, i’m done. Good day, again!