It's on you now gearbox

So gearbox, Sony officially announced they will be revealing the PS5 on the 11th which means there is really no hurdle in your way for this content that was supposed to be out end of may, then June 4th… the ball is in your court now. I very much hope that you guys actually do go ahead and release the 11th.

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Am I missing something here ?

What has the console reveal got to do with delayed Borderlands content?


Yeah I’m confused too. The delay was in solidarity with all the BLM protests nationally and seems like an industry wide decision. I’m not sure how they specifically are related to the PS5 announcement or how it’s “on them” to do anything in particular


Not just them. But I’m on PS4 specifically so that’s why I mentioned it. It seems every game and company is moving their stuff out this week that was delayed. Maybe they had hitches because the companies like Microsoft and sony weren’t pushing the patches through because of the stance they took. Now they are moving again, so should gearbox unless they just never finished it and have been lying this entire time. Wouldnt be surprised either way.

What exactly would Gearbox have to gain by lying about this?

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Have you read the forum?

SOME people here keep an open mind to varying degrees but seriously look around and see if your statement still holds water.


I spoke too soon on that one. But you get what I’m saying, majority here will stick up for them when its not necessary lol.

Hahahahhaahahahaa… ball…



Honestly, nowhere near this majority you think exists.

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Yeah it does

Time to actually test it themselves.

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I usually like to air on the side of logic and reason. I’ve heavily criticized gearbox, and stood up for gearbox (in this circumstance specifically). And many other people I saw stick up for them have also heavily criticized them. So go ahead and continue generalizing all of us apologists : )


5 days without a word and 2k retweet a civilization post

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Well, I at least want to hear something regarding the upcoming content. Nothing fancy, just a statement like “all future content will be pushed back by a week, the Guardian Takedown comes this week” or something like it. I don’t need a political statement from Gearbox (although they have every right to make one), they don’t need to explain themselves to me, all I need is just a short, informative post regarding upcoming content so that I have something to look forward to.

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If all of you streamers and content creators didnt stick up for them in this instance then youd look like a**holes and your career would take a hit. I get the stance you took on it. But it’s more less a case of everyone else moving back to business, so no reason they cant. Anything more from them at this point pushing back or staying quiet would just seem like them stalling to me.

I don’t work for gearbox. I’ve never worked for gearbox. And I have everything I have without the help of gearbox. And your literal thinking is exactly what annoyed me in the first place and why I stuck up for them in this exact scenario. Everyone is literally creating conspiracy theories that gearbox didn’t finish the patch (with no evidence), and then when I say: hey, maybe they actually believe in their message and that’s why they’re postponing it, I’m a gearbox apologist. That’s a yikes from me dawg.


Saying the patch was ready but delayed is a theory as well since they never said it was ready, nor released patch notes. Both groups are literally assuming it was or was not ready.

No evidence for either argument, just coincident indicators.


Ummm that’s not how that works. They literally told us why the patch was delayed. So actually the evidence tells us it was delayed because of why they said it was delayed. And that’s all the evidence we have to go on. We’ve already hashed this out in the other thread, feel free to believe whatever you want. I’m just writing about my own perspective.

Also in response to comments like these, and kind of this thread, their message was that they were going radio silent. So I really wouldn’t expect any news or statement from them until release day. Or at least until the end of this week (which hopefully will be both)

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They gave the reason for muting, not postponing.

Regardless, if it’s not released this thursday theres gonna be an even bigger sh*storm then there has been already. Means most likely a DLC 3 delay and if they release DLC before phase 1 we are stuck with the same exact issues we have already with balance. You’re not on their payroll, but you promote their content and make some of your living from it. I never expected you to disagree with them on this like any smart person that plays this game as part of their living would be stupid to disagree and bash. Everyone has to play the PR game at the moment.