Its possible a rework is needed for Deande

(nearbritt) #21

Hmm, I’m not sure why people are saying that she does not need a buff, but I really haven’t said or garnered for a buff. Honestly, I feel as she’s all over the place and I really do understand that people like playing a niche character but to me that inlines a problem where you have to do or play her a certain way to play her viable. or at least to an extent where you have to rely upon or a Secondary attack as a primary. OR course it should be your choice if that’s what you want but I do not like how personally you have to be a certain way. Of course, I’m not sure if what the Devs intended her to be but to me I would think some change up that keeps her niche feel a lot of people like (myself included) but would bring her to a wider berth of players.


Just to say, one part of the reason I was suggesting a buff to her primary attack is :

I think part of the reason peoples can still do well with deande right now is that it’s easy to trick peoples with Deande’s abilities at the beginning since most opponents don’t know deande, they will attack the clone blindly. But when you know deande, that escape ability will become far less efficient. So taking the back of an opponent, as well as escaping when things are turning bad will become far harder after a while.

When this will happens, will yo ureally be able to still say that Deande is fine as she is?

If at least we had a helix choice to have her holotwin remove any debuff from Deande when starting it, that would be better. Right now, just apply a slow, a dot, or any kind of debuff to deande and her holotwin is almost as useless as oscar Mike’s invisibility. Even though OM is a ranged and therefore take far less debuff than a melee usually, and escaping is easier obviously.