It's probably too late, but..... Zane's Barrier versus Agonizer 9000

While it is probably too late to get an answer, BUT…

Concerning Zane’s Barrier and that damnable blade that you should try to jump over or duck under.

Does Zane’s barrier do a {darn} thing ???

Barrier is the Action Skill of Zane’s Under Cover skill tree. Activating this skill deploys a stationary barrier that blocks enemy projectiles. Zane and his allies deal increased gun damage when shooting through the barrier. Activating the skill again while near the barrier causes Zane to pick it up and hold it, but its size and bonuses will be decreased.

I can’t imagine the Barrier would stop that attack?

it does not block melee attacks or splash damage it blocks all bullets and that is insanely powerful already.

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The logic would be that things inside his shield can damage him and the giant blade goes inside his shield. It’s an extremely powerful skill as it is, they just need to make all the augments work whether the Barrier is held or placed.

Yeah but I never got why I didn’t block explosion well outside the shield :sweat_smile:

as stated it blocks bullet damage of explosion but not the splash damage, splash is a separate type of damage in borderlands games.

I know but it’s just weird hahaha :wink:

Not saying it’s bugged :smile:

Well… I have decided to only use “Double Agent” and the SNTL-thingy.

OK… I killed the Agonizer 9000 {aka Pain and Terror {{aka Penn and Teller}}} so easily!

*: I didn’t realize that you could use THREE skill trees by Zane, but only Two at a time.
*: I started with “Double Agent” and the “STNLNT- thingy”
*: When the first phase of the fight was through with, I swapped “Double Agent” with the “Barrier”
*: AND, I only killed it with a pistol during the first phase, when I swapped to a “Battle Rifle” to finish the second phase.