It's quieter than the Arid Badlands in here... where the hell is this last DLC already?

I cannot ever remember the forums being so inactive. I know this is a change of forums but even before that people have been dropping off like flies.

This better be one hell of a last DLC, as you can bet your bottom dollar there will be nothing more added to this game.

The forums seem pretty lively to me. I expect the traffic to pick up come summer since a lot of people will be out of school then.

They rushed this game and should of taken longer on development


They need to hurry up and get this DLC out

They said all the DLC in the season pass will be out by October of 2015, 3/4 DLC items in the pass are already out and we have a 7-8 month window. I would rather they take their time and do it right.


I really want them to take there time with this dlc. Cause to me it seems like it going to be pretty big and really awesome. In the next few weeks hopefully we get the patch for all the bosses to respawn. So things should pick up around here.

I want the DLC to be good too, so I definitely want them to take their time. Problem is, there isn’t enough to do in game as is, and I fear I will be completely burnt out on the game before another DLC is released.

Reason why I was able to play BL2 as long as I did was because there was so much DLC and stuff to do after the main story, that if one of them ever got stale, just switch to something else.

I’m also in no hurry. Plus, I still haven’t cracked 50 with any of the characters, or touched either the Holoodome or the Slaughter pit…

I put bl2 down for a long time after I hit 50 and beat the first dlc until the UVHM came out and then I never stopped playing. I don’t see a problem with putting the game down and picking it back up when the dlc comes out. There are 1000’s of games to play.


Putting this game down and playing Watch Dogs and Far Cry 4, then coming back … plus the 2 new DLC characters breathed new life into BL TPS for me.

I’m kinda just going slow through UVHM … really looks like I’ll be really close to lvl 60 with each character after just 1 UVHM play through each. Not bad.

I would like to see a little higher legendary/purple drop rate … but eh.

Paaaaaaaatience young grasshopper

i also doupt/really hope that this will be last dlc for this game. that would be odd. actually it is odd they would make a half/holdover game. GO ALL OUT, NEVER GO FOR HALF, OR GO HOME

Forum change is going to cause some slowness for a while too.

My concern, is that with with this being named as the last piece of dlc, will this keep us actively playing? It is a fairly good guess that BL3 will not be out for up to possibly 2 years. That is quite a long time without any extra campaigns and contrary to popular belief, and Gearbox Im looking at you, the Ps4 is still at a fairly high pricepoint and many of us do not own next gen, so to me, battleborn, getting the huge push right now, when many of us havent transititioned I dont understand.


While i understand that not everyone has made the jump or can afford the jump, i think that gearbox and many other developers are in the right frame of mind to start being more mindful of “current” gen systems and start phasing out “last gen” systems. Trying to develop and cater their game to fit both is not helping the gaming industry and is really holding back the power behind the XBONE and PS4. I love my 360 and can’t ever imagine getting rid of it, but I can’t see how there would be any denying of the fact that new games have had to be “dumbed down” to apply to all systems. I know that MS and Sony have promised a few more years on the lifecycles of the last gen consoles, but to me, I’d be okay if they stopped developing new games today and just supported their CURRENT 360 titles. That may rub people the wrong way, but at the moment I feel as if I one system that has lost its flare (360) and another that isn’t living up to what was promised (XBONE).

I might have already jumped had the Xbox one had backward compatibility. It feels more like getting a new console from say… General Electric or something (trying to think of a company that doesn’t already have a console). OR it feels like I’d be switching from Xbox 360 to PS4. Because now I’ll have another console with almost no benefits to having the one before it. No controller or game compatibility. The only thing that I have going for me is one live account that supports both systems. And some games allowing the transfer of save files to the next gen version of the game. I was tempted to switch to PS4 but I don’t want to pay for another online fee for another system. And if I keep paying for a live account I’ll be able to game online with my 360 or my xbox one going forward.

The handsome collection is the thing that finally convinced me to get an xbox one. Hearing news of rockband being planned for XBone and PS4 sealed the deal. But it’ll now take forever for me to feel comfortable getting rid of my 360. Kind of a pain in the ass, actually. Conveniently Gearbox’s Battleborn also seems VERY cool. And there are about 2 or 3 other games plus seeing the next gen implementation of Borderlands 2+tps that I’m looking forward to. I was kind of sad to see how certain visual effects in borderlands 2 were only visible on pc, and not on the 360. Now I’ll get to enjoy those, plus the higher res.

And finally, I assume that Borderlands 3 will be on the xbox one and ps4. So that’s nice. Nothing I have now would support it otherwise. I could wait longer I suppose. But I also feel that the 360 borderlands multiplayer scene will start to get eaten away.

But see you guys are missing it, the player base for this next gen hardware is still not that big, and even though I get the idea of planning ahead, I just feel with Battleborne last I checked coming out by the end of this year, that a next gen game is a bit premature to put out on the market with many still not having made that transition yet, I among them. And if we go by their word, by fall of this year their done with the presequel. For my own self, while I may farm some for BL2 and the presequel, not sure if Ill stay with it a year or 2 without being drawn away.


You just made my point for me…

[quote=“samuraith, post:14, topic:93238, full:true”]
But see you guys are missing it, the player base for this next gen hardware is still not that big, [/quote]

You are correct. The player base is not that big atm. Which is exactly why Sony and MS, and developers, have started to put a higher preference on producing games for the new systems. As long as games are being created for both, gamers don’t need to switch. When that dynamic changes, they will. And I think that’s definitely the direction we’re heading given the current game release schedule and should be backed up yet again this year at E3. Its business. It was only a matter of time before developers started putting pressure on gamers to make the jump. In the long run, this will be what helps push games to the next level. Once EVERY developer is making games solely on the new consoles they can finally start really pushing the envelope and unpacking all the power that was promised. Until then, we are going to get games that are essentially last gen 2.0, a definite step up, but not quite game-changing… just my honest opinion.

i wont be making a jump for a while. so many games for ps3 and X360 i havent played yet thatll cost next to nothing soon enuf. my point is why make “half” a game and not go all out. there is no reason not to go all out. IMO it sets a bad precedent. ooooo new consoles lets make one more game before we start BL3 but not make it a “whole” game like 1 or 2. that is a terrible mindset to have in any industry let alone sales. youll be outa job so fast if you halfass it anywhere else.

Got 5 characters to level 60, just waiting on the dlc and respawning bosses so I can finish my goal of having every legendary and unique in the game.

i am more waiting for the respawning enemies patch than the dlc. i want it to be really effin awesome. wish they would give some kinda time table for these two items tho…

Another good point is that its not going to be a all at once move, it will be gradual always has been. Whether it be due to the cost of the console whichever as a whole, or the lack of a decent library built to gain peoples interest. Your right i agree every one will eventually move up at some point, but I still dont feel its for a while.

i could be way wrong but wasnt it mentioned that the respawning patch would come out with the “last” dlc?